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True Blood Finale, ‘And When I Die’


Well, it was a real bloodbath on True Blood last night, and a nice ending to the season, even if it felt a little dragged out.  Some old favorites returned, and unfortunately Bon Temps’ population dropped a couple of digits.

Jesus apologizes to Lafayette, now possessed by the spirit of Marnie for putting him in danger and getting him into magic too early in their relationship. Marnie stabs Jesus in the hand, then ties him to a chair. Marnie threatens to harm Lafayette if he doesn’t give up his brujo powers. As Jesus tries to free himself and defeat her, she stabs him in the chest. Later she has Eric and Bill ready to be burned at the stake.

Tara finds Jesus’ dead body and rushes to Merlotte’s to find Sookie and Holly. The three join hands in the circle of salt, Holly always has it in her bag, and summon their dead family and friends to help. Sookie’s grandmother, Adele, literally pulls Marnie out of Lafayette’s body, and both her and Antonia confront Marnie. She’s not ready to be dead yet but she can’t stay around Bon Temps for the rest of her afterlife. After Tara comforts Laffy about Jesus’ death, he appears to him to say his final goodbye, and reminds him that he’s a medium so he’ll always be around. At Bill’s mansion, both he and Eric feed off Sookie like she’s a blood buffet. It’s then that she makes the decision that she doesn’t want to be with either of them and their matching robes. Pam is still upset that Eric chose Sookie, and her ridiculous name, over her. She cries along with Ginger, who is dressed like a slutty nurse for Halloween.

Speaking of slutty Halloween costumes, Jessica visits Jason dressed as a sexy Little Red Riding Hood, to have sex with him, but doesn’t want to be with him just yet. Obviously Jason has feelings for her, but me thinks she’s taking advantage of him a bit. Earlier that day, Jason told Hoyt that he and Jessica slept together. When Hoyt asked how he could have done that to him, Jason stupidly goes on to describe the different positions the did. Hoyt rightfully punches him in the face.

Sam visits Tommy’s grave site with Maxine, who says that he was like a son to her. At Merlotte’s Sam introduces Arlene’s kids to Luna’s daughter Emma, so things seems to be normal for him. For now. An old war buddy comes to visit Terry at the bar, and while she’s taking out the trash Arlene is scared by the ghost of Rene. He warns her to watch out for Terry but she cries that he’s good to her and her babies. After he disappears, Terry comes outside to comfort her. While it was nice to see old homicidal Rene again, I don’t like that warning one bit. Terry is a sweetheart, and even his cousin Andy is starting to clean up his act. He asks out Holly again and assures her that he could be really good for someone. They hug out in front of the bar.

Nan Flanagan, now fired from the American Vampire League, was supposed to carry out an order of “True Death” on Bill and Eric, but once she learned she would meet the same fate decided to go against the Authority. She also knows what Sookie is, which means other higher ups know. They aren’t having any of that, after Eric beheads her three guards, Bill stakes Nan. “We are not f***ing puppy dogs!” How does that backbone feel, Bill? I kind of like him and Eric being VFFs.

When Sookie arrives home, she calls out to Tara but is surprised by Debbie at the door, with a shotgun. Just as Tara comes into the kitchen, Debbie fires. Sookie pins her to the ground, and even though Debbie begs for her life, Sookie shoots her in the head. She rushes over to the lifeless Tara and calls out for help. Sigh, I really didn’t want her to go out like that. I could hear the tasteless cheering when she got shot, but Tara and Lafayette deserve better. Not convinced she’s gone just yet.

So, we saw the long dead Gran, Rene, who killed her and even more surprisingly a now undead Steve Newlin who showed up at Jason’s door ready to bite. I wonder how his supporters are going to take this, and what about Sarah Newlin? The buried Russell Edgington might be free. Alcide goes to check a huge hole in a parking garage where a construction worker was glamoured. It was an up and down season, but I really enjoyed this finale. Please be better next year, True Blood.

I’ll miss you while you’re gone!

The Winner of ‘The Voice’ is…


Javier Colon!!

Mr. Colon was crowned the winner of the first edition of The Voice, while Dia Frampton came in second place. I would have rather Javier and Beverly been the final two, but everyone deserved to be there.

Javier and Stevie Nicks

When it came to the final performances, I thought the contestants were hindered by the stars they sang with. I mean really, Pat from Train?  Someone please stop that band!  [Editor’s Note: I just screamed with delight to find out that my girl, Brittani hates Train as bloody much as I do!! ~ DivaJulia]

I like that they didn’t drag the finale out, and besides Javier winning the best moment of the night was Christina, ummm, adjusting herself. I’m going to miss her craziness.

Don’t forget Dipped in Cream called it back on May 3rd about Javier and his amazing-ness.

It was a fun, if not somewhat tiring at times, season. Can’t wait to do it again!


GLEE Finale Recap – “New York”

Photos: FOX

For a finale, this was pretty good, even if it felt like a rehashed version of the first season’s finale and the mid-season finale.

The kids make it to New York City for Nationals, and I can give them a break for being so in love with the city because they are from Lima, Ohio. Will makes them work on their two original songs for the competition while he goes out to realize his dream of singing on a Broadway stage. The same scene happens later with Kurt and Rachel, but they didn’t have some random guy telling them they’ve got “it”.( Because that always happens.)

Meanwhile, the boys encourage Finn to ask Rachel out. He invites her out on a date in the city and of course Rachel came prepared with a “Walking Through Central Park” outfit. Why are all of her clothes so old fashioned? That striped coat, and her Karen Carpenter dress from the drunk episode. I was waiting for her to throw her little beret in the air like Mary Tyler Moore. Wait, how old am I?

With the other girls exhausted from what looks like an epic pillow fight, Kurt and Rachel have breakfast in front of Tiffany’s. Yes, just like the movie, and I did love “Moon River” playing over the scene. It also seems like Kurt saved his best outfits for NYC. Later they break into a theater that just so happens to be putting on Wicked. As one of my Twitter darlings stated, if Glee hadn’t wasted Edina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth during this and the first season this would have been a great opportunity for the characters.

Quinn is still pissed over Finn breaking up with her, and apparently thinks her delicate feelings are more important than the rest of the competition. I don’t think there is any way Quinn can be redeemed, especially not after  her comment that basically she, and to a lesser extent Brittany and Santana, deserve love more than Tina and Lauren. Tina and Lauren aren’t selfish bitches, that’s why they have boyfriends. Good Lord, Ryan Murphy, why?! Santana suggests that the  best solution of course to a breakup is to cut your hair. I think Santana has watched Waiting To Exhale numerous times, if only for the scene where Angela Bassett burns her husband’s clothes in his car.

The group finds out about Will planning to leave to be on Broadway, but Will insists that he isn’t giving up on the club. Way to cop out Will, this was your chance out!

At the competition, Sunshine confronts Rachel about how she treated her. She made a great point, the glee club is about acceptance but Rachel was mean to her and sent her to a crack house. Will confronts Vocal Adrenaline coach Dustin, who was the one who told the kids about Will wanting to leave to join April’s show, and says that New Directions is going to win. Let’s not jump the gun there Schue. Even though the group was damn good this time around, they didn’t make it to the Top 10. They can’t stay underdogs forever! This was a good opportunity to change things and perhaps have the club actually be appreciated at school and have them all feel better about themselves.

Later, Kurt tells Blaine about everything that happened at their coffee shop hangout. Unlike Santana, Kurt wasn’t as upset over their loss and Blaine tells him that he loves him. Kurt was visibly shocked, but his “I love you” didn’t sound as sincere as his. Mercedes and Sam show up as well, but play off the fact that they’re now a couple! Samcedes was bound to happen, but let’s actually do something with this couple please. Santana and Brittany also exchange I Love Yous but decided to keep it friendly, for now. Rachel and Finn meet in the library and realize that they think that everyone hates them, but they love each other. They kiss and head off to the to join the rest of the club. So everything was wrapped up in a nice little package for the finale episode of the season.

So where was Sue? She made a bit of a truce with Will in the last episode but it would have been nice to get one snarky comment from her at the end. Coach Bieste hasn’t made an appearance in I don’t know how long. Karofsky also disappeared since the Prom episode. If there was any episode that did need to be 90s minutes long, it was this one. At least it would have spared us from a long and boring American Idol performance night.

My Cupsung by Brittany, Artie and Puck. All of the cute little original songs like this showed some potential genius by the group. Unfortunately this was one of the few that was recorded. Still waiting for the studio versions of “Trouty Mouth” and “My Headband“.

I Love New York/New York, New Yorksung by New Directions. The group running around the city singing this surprisingly not that bad mashup could not have been any cornier. The balloons, dancing around the fountain in front of The Metropolitan Opera House. Even if it was a bit cliche, this episode did pay tribute to good old New York. I also like how no one really paid attention to them. Damn tourists.

Still Got Tonightsung by Will. Matthew Morrison will have a nice little solo career, if only because he’s Matthew Morrison from Glee. Will hasn’t done a solo song since the wedding episode, and has only gotten an occasional duet. I think Will choosing a run on Broadway would have made more since, he’s always telling the kids to follow their dreams, why not follow his?

Bella Nottesung by Artie, Sam, Puck and Mike. While on their date, Finn and Rachel were serenaded around the city by the boys. I do love it when they come together in the name of love. Like when Artie asked Brittany to Prom. While at dinner, the two ran into Patti LuPone. Because you know, that’s what happens in New York City.

For Goodsung by Rachel and Kurt. There was no way that they wouldn’t get a big Broadway number in here. This was another great duet between Rachel and Kurt, this time singing on the Wicked stage. (Apparently people break into the theaters all the time because the security guard couldn’t have cared less. Psssshh.)

Yeahsung by Crawford Country Day. While I do appreciate that the competition episodes showcase other groups, this was kind of weird and brought on some controversy. Apparently the producers ripped this whole performance off from a real all girl vocal group called Divisi. Producers were working with the group but the deal fell through, and it seems like they went ahead and used their arrangement for the song anyways. It’s an interesting take on a high energy song but this was kind of bad. Incredibad?

As Long As You’re Theresung by Sunshine Corazon and Vocal Adrenaline. VA went the original song route as well and this was a great song to showcase Charice’s voice. It did sound familiar, in fact all of the original songs did. It was very Mariah with a dash of Whitney, but Sunshine/Charice killed it. I would like to see her back next season.

Pretendingsung by Rachel, Finn and New Directions. Again, this was same thing they did during their last competitions. Finn and Rachel duet while the rest of the group joins them at the end. To be fair, the change up with Sam and Quinn dueting during Sectionals didn’t quite work. The two were feeling the song so much they kissed at the end. Jesse, who showed up to show support, or just to be an ass, asked if that was “in the script“. It wasn’t, and it was probably what cost them a spot in the Top 10.

Light Up The Worldsung by New Directions. This doesn’t sound like “Raise Your Glass” at all. It was another feel good closing number from the glee club, and even Tina got a little part with this one.

I would have given them 10th place at least with this one.