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Lady Gaga and Danielle Steel on ‘The View’ – Looking Into the Future?

Gaga, Fierceness in Blonde
Danielle Steel, Fierceness in Red

Did the booking staff at The View do this on purpose?  Honestly, when Danielle Steel sashayed out onto the couch to join the biddies (I’m talking to YOU, Hasselbitch) my eyes popped out of my head. (Okay, more than they usually are. Hush it.)  Look at her!  At nearly 64 years of age, Danielle is a total visage into the future for Lady Gaga! We can only hope she doesn’t pull the gotdamn 27 Club crap, because it’s way too cliche` at this point.

Seriously….it’s not just me, right?

Head-to-toe Ferragamo, Fall 2011

Oh, and all that houndstooth? I. Am Dying. I wonder if it’s Ferragamo??