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‘Saturday Night Live’ Books Martin Short and Paul McCartney For Christmas Episode

The genius, Martin Short!


I love Martin Short. Always have.  I’m excited about seeing him host Saturday Night Live‘ on December 15th, with musical guest Paul McCartney.  Okay, y’all know I’m not excited about the old the ‘Cute One’ but beggars can’t be  choosers.

“That’s a decent melody, I must say.”

Short previously appeared as a regular on SNL during the show’s tenth season, which aired between 1984 and 1985.  Wow.  That long ago??


Gaaaah! Oh, Felix.


All I know is I’m gonna introduce my four year-old grandson, Felix to Ed Grimley this year.  It’s high time he learned how to dance like Ed, if you ask me.  Maybe Santa will bring him a triangle!


Believe me, Felix will be as bored and annoyed with Paul McCartney as I’ll be, so  yeah.  No.