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“Human Centipede” Director, Tom Six Receives Death Threats, and couldn’t care less.

The Human Centipede Jewelry Line via: Etsy

As you may or may not know, DivaJulia and I are a little obsessed with the movie, The  Human Centipede.  It’s more about how insane the movie, and the idea behind it is, rather than the movie itself.  The movie hasn’t received cult status just yet, but there have been HC tattoos. You can even get a chew toy for your cat or a nice cheap necklace on Etsy!

Nice tat, Fräulein.
The Human Centipede CAT toy. What? Nothing for a 3-Dog??

However, while we can see the humor in the movie, some people can’t. Dutch director, Tom Six said that he expected his movie to divide audiences. “On Facebook people made a fan page for myself and the film,” he told the BBC. “Some people say I have to be shot and some people want to sterilise me – and others say I’m the most genius film-maker there is.”

Say it with us! "FEEEED HERRRR!" Oh, Dieter Laser.

Well, I don’t know about all that.   Tom also suggested that he doesn’t take the threats seriously, “I take it all with a blink of the eye, because why would you shoot a film-maker?  I don’t really care about it.”

There are two more Human Centipede movies in the works so he can look forward to more threats.  This sounds like a good idea for a movie though, don’t you think?