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David Beckham is a Fantastic Man, apparently.



Photos: Fantastic Man

Am I the only one who thinks this magazine name is hilarious?  But on the other hand, I do use the word “fantastic” a LOT (to the point of irritation of the precious few friends I have left), but still. It’s a little silly.

Beckham posted a sneak peek of the images on his official Facebook page, (of which I’m a FAN! DUUHHH!) and has over 8.7million followers.  David wrote:

‘Check out the Spring / Summer cover of Fantastic Man Magazine, which hits the shops next week.. Will post a few pictures from inside as well, hope you like…

Uh, yeah, Dyyveed. I do indeed like.

Now THAT'S a sleeve.

David and his wife Victoria revealed earlier this month they were expecting a baby  ghehh-ohh (girl for you Yanks)  a sister for their three sons.  Victoria is due in July.

Just an East End Boy...

David claims he’s “just an East End Boy” and that he misses his “pie and mash“.

Of course the most important item on their docket is WHAT ON EARTH will Victoria wear to the Royal Wedding on April 29th?  She’ll be six months along, after all.  I’ll bet you anything she just needs to move up to a size 4 from 00, have it TAKEN IN a bit and she’ll be good to go, with a fantastic day-time hat from Philip Treacy.

Did I mention I’m a Royal Whore Dork?