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Hannibal Season 2 Production Begins

I don’t know what you’ve been up to this week but I’ve been spending it wishing I could find Bryan Fuller and love him down because his cast and crew are so damned amazing. Let’s go into the how of that, shall we?


Director/Producer Michael Rymer
Director/Producer Michael Rymer be-flowered

Photo: @BryanFuller

Earlier this week, as you can probably guess, Hannibal went into production for Season 2 up in Toronto. Fuck yeah! *fist pump*  This realization may have given me a fit of vapors. What can I say, at least you know you can count on me for these sorts of things! By the by, I hear whispers on the wind i.e. Tumblr that fan gifts will be arriving to the Toronto location directly. Fannibals. Gotta love ’em! And our liege, Bryan, certainly does. In celebration of this momentous occasion, he’s started a mini-project of his own: “Fannibal Gratitude”, in which Bryan bestows flower crowns on any and all Hannibal peeps in thanks for our help in making Season 2 a reality. Then, because he knows the true purpose of the internet, other than porn, he tweets the proof. Added to this are Production team Martha and Dino De Laurentiis teasing us into a frenzy, along with whomever the gorgeous soul is that runs the official Hannibal twitter/tumblr accounts, providing us with endlessly witty tags; I see you too, boo. I mean…c’mon.

THIS MAN. THIS CREW. THIS SHOW. Seriously?! I’ve had less intense (read: satisfying) romantic relationships than the one I have with this show but, you know what? I ain’t mad!

Behold! 'Tis Christmas! Or would that be "Madsmas"?
Behold! ‘Tis Christmas! Or would that be “Madsmas”? Either way, I’m crying about it.

Photo: @BryanFuller

Every TV show has to love their fan base. If for no other reason than because they’re the only way a show will survive. But the Hannibal camp is obviously something altogether different. And this is fitting seeing as how this particular fan base is something altogether different as well. All of this back and forth between the creators and the fans, stemming from the very inception of the show, has created this beautifully synergistic relationship where boundaries are maintained yet interaction between the two factions continues to be both encouraged and enjoyed. Simply put? We bask in each other’s awesome.

Aaron Abrams on the first day of fittings
Aaron Abrams on the first day of fittings

Photo: @neoprod (Martha De Laurentiis)

I’ve truly never seen anything like this and, if I have, it’s never been to such a degree where everyone notices i.e. people on the outside looking in at what’s happening. Producers/Directors/Writers/Actors/etc. taking an active role in directly responding to fan questions, giving unexpected “fan service” without straying from the nature of the show, displaying legitimate appreciation for their (fan) fervency and all that it’s wrought? THAT’S doing it right. THAT’S ensuring that we feel valued and will keep coming back for more. THAT’S making us pay more attention than most television viewers would during a hiatus, effectively continuing to spread the word and remain in the forefront of our collective consciousness. For our dedication, fans are being gifted with the sense of going through production with the crew. WHO ELSE DOES THIS?!

Serial Killer Couture, y'all.
Serial Killer Couture, y’all.

Photo: @neoprod (Martha De Laurentiis)

I’m not sure if our luck is due to all the key players having been in the entertainment industry as long as they have, or if it’s more to do with the types of people who’d so wonderfully bring this literary world to life. I’m veering more towards the latter though. They’ve been around the block more than a few times, but every single person involved in the creation of this show seems overtly, strikingly passionate about it more so than one would expect. They just get it. So, in thanks to THEIR thanks…Thanks!

Tom Hiddleston Wins the Universe At SDCC

What up? I subjugate people.

Hello! And welcome to this edition of “Frenchie loses her goddamned mind”! In my defense,  I have state that it is not my fault, okay? I’m strictly at the mercy of one Trickster God, as are we all. Please, allow me to explain.

As you may already know, San Diego ComicCon (aka “Geek Mecca”) is currently in full swing. This means that info of the nerdish variety is rapidly flying through the interwebs with the force of punches most likely to be delivered by Wonder Woman. It’s a lot to take in and it hurts, especially for those of us who can’t be there! *Next year, SDCC. I’m coming for you.*

Naturally, a Marvel panel was scheduled for last night (the busiest)  because, are we not civilized human beings? It was to feature updated info on both Thor 2: The Dark World and Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier, as well as any other future projects, i.e. Guardians of the Galaxy, etc. that Marvel chose to grace us with. But, who would be there?! Some panel guests were already known, such as Chris Evans (Captain America), though there was one in particular that may have been the real and true reasons fans were camping out for Hall H from the night before. Tom Hiddleston. I can’t even begin to document my adoration for this man. Honestly. It’s reached so deeply into my viscera that it defies any and all detailing; it exists as a given.

And Tom Hiddleston IS Loki, the god of mischief. He’s done the breathing into of this character to such an extent that no one will ever be able to top it. In fact, trying could get them killed. It’s not just a fangirl thing, either. It’s a fan thing, period. Hall H was, from all reports, packed to the rafters with eager fans of all genders. Every single person game for a great Marvel panel but hoping with Asgardian might that Tom Hiddleston would somehow manage to show up. I can say now, hours after the occurrence, that our bodies were not ready. 

The screech heard ’round the world but, mostly in California.

via Twitter @empiremagazine

Tom didn’t just pop on in, all casual like. Oh, no! Odin forbid! That would’ve been far too tame for this genius of a man. No. Despite the ridiculous process of donning the Loki costume, he did exactly that and ruled over Hall H. I mean, that is what we’re made for, no?! The screams and cheers that erupted from the audience were positively deafening. And many of us, relying on the power of internet-equipped fans, contributed to that sound in our own respective homes.

Let’s be honest here: I was literally reduced to noises. Words? Those were things I couldn’t form as this magnificent bastard took a spear to my heart AND my ovaries, leaving only a husk behind. For those of you wondering, yes, sobbing in a fetal position is a thing that happened. Now…DOES IT EVEN NEED TO BE STATED THAT WE LOVED IT?! ROLLED AROUND IN IT LIKE THE PROVERBIAL PIGS IN SHIT?! SLATHERED THE EXPERIENCE ON LIKE J-LO DOES WITH LA MER?!  This is what we’re about! Unabashed reveling in this mythical world where all things are possible and where a favorite actor takes time from his busy schedule to give us a mere inkling of how it would be in reality. My vapors, let me show you them to you.

OH. Okay, then. *whimpers*
*Whimpers more quietly*

Some of the moments I found most endearing were how Tom kept peeking out of the facade of Loki. Loki commanded and gloried in his power over the mortals/Midgardians of Hall H while Tom occasionally broke character to giggle in disbelief that he was the driving force behind the “being” responsible for this…rabid reaction. Ryan Penagos (@AgentM on Twitter) first mentioned that Tom had arrived before correcting himself and tweeting: “No, I’m sorry. Loki is here. @twhiddleston is just the vessel.

After several overtly sexual innuendos (this man knows us so well), Hiddleston then commanded that everyone say his (Loki’s) name. Then say it louder. Then louder STILL, before we were gifted with Thor 2 footage and the entirety of the Marvel panel. I’m sorry, guys; all your favorites just lost to a skinny beanpole from the UK.


As was evidenced by Chris Evans’ (Captain America) appearance, we love our heros. Tom Hiddleston’s appearance reminded everyone that we love our villians just a little bit more. Have a watch for yourself:

(Official and edited HD version)


(Raw, pervy, real footage from the thick of it)