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Lindsay Lohan Arrested In NYC – Are You Kidding Me? **UPDATE**


You guys couldn’t have just acted like Liz & Dick was a decent movie, could you?

Not even a week after her Elizabeth Taylor biopic premiered on Lifetime and Lindsay Lohan is already back to her tried and true antics.  The actress was arrested early Thursday morning after an altercation with another female patron escalated to blows at Club Avenue in New York’s Chelsea. Sources say the two had exchanged words earlier in the evening, with Lohan allegedly even asking the woman to “give [me] my space.” 

Cops were called to the club shortly after Lindsay hit the unidentified woman in the face, and took the tabloid darling into custody, where she remained until being released just before 8 a.m. No word yet on how this latest violation will effect Lilo’s probation

If I’ve learned anything in my years of stanning as hard as humanly possible for La Lohan (no matter how hard she seems to make it), it’s that she is petulant like a child. She acts out every single time she fails in her professional life.

I’m willing to bet anything that the broad that Lindsay cold cocked across the face made some mention of the mediocre performance and shit reviews her latest endeavor has accumulated over the past few days.

Does that make it right? No, of course not. But I’d be lying if that wouldn’t make it even more entertaining.

While Lohan was hauled away in handcuffs, she kept insistently repeating, “Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?” 

I know, babygirl. I can’t believe it either.


**Update: 12:54pm**

The Wanted – Max is the dude with the shave head, if you’re unfamiliar…

TMZ is now reporting that the altercation was allegedly over Max George of UK boy band ‘The Wanted’. 

After seeing the band open for Justin Bieber at Madison Square Garden earlier in the evening, Lohan accompanied Max and his bandmates to Avenue

When Max set his sights on a female who wasn’t her, Lindsay reportedly became enraged. This is the female who she is accused of striking. 

The Wanted, Linds? Really? At least have some standards and go after the One Direction boys. Now I’m just disappointed.