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Cher Is Back With ‘Woman’s World’ – Preach, Gurl


I think it might be more of a Drag Queen’s World, but  that’s even better, right? Cher’s back and with far more energy and fierceness than anyone else could ever have.  Let’s all dance, pose, drink, flip our hair and wail along with The High Priestess of Gay Icons!



The dance anthem was produced by popular English DJ Paul Oakenfold. amongst others. The single is taken from Cher’s upcoming album, which is still expected to be released early 2013.  Are you all dying just a little?

NOW who’s the Last Bitch Standing?

Cee-Lo Green’s “Fuck You” video. Oh, yeah. I said it. **NSFW**

Oh, Cee-Lo...I love you.

I’ve been so distracted by the dude  who is holding human beings hostage on behalf of his love of the “froggies and squirrels” that I neglected to post Cee-Lo’s new video, “Fuck You”–that will probably only see the light of day on your computer.  Somehow, “forget you” just doesn’t pass muster when trying to convey a certain emotion.  (That there was some fancy-talk.)

Put on your dancing shoes, boys and girls!

I can’t wait for Finn to sing this swingin’ little song to that snippy bitch Rachel on Glee.  Frankly, I’d like to say it to Lea Michele personally.  Right to her big cake-hole.  (Sorry for the off-topic rage at that Cee-You-Next-Tuesday…oh, daayum.  SCee what I just did?)