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Brad Pitt For Esquire Magazine’s June/July Issue


Brad Pitt and I have something in common, we can’t remember people. Even if we went to school together, or have met a couple of times, I can never seem to recall people’s names. It’s an odd “problem” to share with a celeb, but hey I’ll take it. Pitt explains in the upcoming issue of Esquire that he’s not trying to be rude, he just doesn’t remember who you are.

So many people hate me because they think I’m disrespecting them,” he says. “So I swear to God, I took one year where I just said, This year, I’m just going to cop to it and say to people, ‘Okay, where did we meet?’ But it just got worse. People were more offended. Every now and then, someone will give me context, and I’ll say, ‘Thank you for helping me.’ But I piss more people off. You get this thing, like, ‘You’re being egotistical. You’re being conceited.’ But it’s a mystery to me, man. I can’t grasp a face and yet I come from such a design/aesthetic point of view. I am going to get it tested.”

Oh Brad, you can not remember me anytime. In the interview he also talks about his family with longtime partner Angelina Jolie, saying that “I haven’t known life to be happier.” This is his first published interview since Jolie revealed that she had a double mastectomy.


You can read the rest of the interview, where Brad also discusses zombies and slacking off when the issue hits newsstands May 31st. You can check out what happened when photographer Max Vadukul gave Pitt control of a Hasselblad camera here.

Mila Kunis Is ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ Says Esquire Magazine

Look at the gorgeous, sexiness of Mila Kunis as this year’s Sexiest Woman Alive.

Photos: Esquire.com

Wow. I’LL say.  I haven’t agreed with Esquire’s annual “Sexiest Woman Alive” since Angelina Jolie was name back in 2004.  (Fine. So I have a type.)

Just to refresh your memory of Angelina’s 2004 “Sexiest Woman Alive” cover…

Mila is an interesting one. (Aside from hooking up again with Kutcher, but whatevs.) She gives a good interview, I’ll say that much.

via Esquire:


People are assholes and people lie,” says Mila Kunis on a lovely Wednesday morning in a café in the Hollywood Hills. What she’s talking about is her experience during the production and then the promotion of Max Payne, the 2008 action film she starred in with Mark Wahlberg. This all erupted suddenly, when that movie happened to come up during a conversation about some of her recent roles. She didn’t want to talk about it. Then she paused. And then she started talking about it. She squinted and slowly moved her head from side to side in a way that only means … motherfuckers! What Kunis is right now is worked up. Which is a fascinating thing to watch. Because onscreen, Mila Kunis is a master at being worked up — as Jackie on That ’70s Show, as Wahlberg’s girlfriend in Ted, as the voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy. In real life, it’s just as captivating. Even over eggs.

So I spoke with Seth about you. And he mocked me at least once.

Only once?

I used the word wonderful to describe your voice.

“Meg” – Family Guy/FOX

Oh, God.

What I meant was textured and interesting and great for an animated show. And he started laughing. He said, “Wonderful would not be the word I would use to describe it. Overpowering maybe.”

He’s such a douchebag. I keep telling him, “Sarcasm does not translate well in print.” And he is so fucking dry. I’ve known him since I was fourteen, and I find self-deprecating humor great. I tell him, “You can mock away because I know who you are. In print, though? You’re going to come off like an asshole. So be careful.”

I look forward to finding Mila in my mailbox in a week or so…have I mentioned that Esquire is may favorite magazine, because it IS.


Daniel Craig Sexes Up Esquire Magazine

Photos: Esquire Magazine

Promoting his latest movie, ‘Cowboys and Aliens‘, James Bond himself covers the August issue of Esquire magazine. Interview by Tom Chiarella, Daniel Craig drops a number of f-bombs and gives his thoughts on the economy, but don’t ask him about his daughter.

On making ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ “It’s as adult as you can possibly make it. This is adult drama. I grew up, as we f***ing all did, watching The Godfather and that, movies that were made for adults. And this is a $100 million R-rated movie. Nobody makes those anymore. And Fincher, he’s not holding back. They’ve given him free rein. He showed me some scenes recently, and my hand was over my mouth, going, Are you f***ing serious?”

He likes to talk about politics, he’s for the people, man! : “Not everybody’s happy with their situation!” And here Daniel Craig pounds the table in front of him. There is rattling of glass. “There are some f***ing seriously poor people, who are mixing with your diminishing middle class, and there’s a sort of ever-growing f***ing ruling class, and it’s like, it’s obvious.”

Don’t worry, there will be another Bond movie : “No-no-no, Sam’s gonna do it, Sam Mendes, and I’m really f***ing really lookin’ forward to the fact that he’s gonna do it,” he says, snapping to.

And maybe magazines should stop asking him stuff : “This has become my way, it’s as simple as that,” he says. “I mean, since I’ve just become James Bond. And I think, you know, that means being something that people feel they own. And all of the sudden I’m getting magazine covers, when I got nothing for ten years before that. I say it’s just pure luck. And doing covers, people interviewing me, and they want to know everything and I’m going, I’m not gonna f***ing tell you!”

This wasn’t so much an interview as it was Chiarella sitting back letting Daniel Craig be cool and curse a lot, but it was a f***ing interesting read.