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“The Expendables” BEAT “Eat, Pray, Love” (Read: Eric Roberts is greater than Julia Roberts)

Eric Roberts at the Las Vegas Premiere of "The Expendables".
Wow. Julia sure looks pleasant, doesn't she? What a SNIP.

I used to love Julia Roberts.  I really did.  Steel Magnolias? Pretty WomanSleeping With the Enemy?  Yes, and HELL yes.  That chick could make me weep loudly in the theater with those oh, so vulnerable brown eyes.  But that was a Long. Time. Ago.  Now, the only expression I see on Julia Roberts’s face, regardless of the film–or OPRAH episode, is smugness. Did you guys see her with The Big O?  Jaaayzus.  Just make out with each other already.  The mutual fawning made me sick–and probably made Gayle jealous.

Ugh. The fawning..."NO! I love YOU more!"

Did anyone else smile a little when the box office numbers for the weekend were revealed?  (The Expendables debuted with $35 million and the disappointed head-shake-inducing Eat, Pray, Love came in second with $23.7.)  The main reason for the smile is that ERIC Roberts co-stars in The Expendables–beating out his irritating and smug sister Julia and her stupid film. You know, the one where Julia portrays a privileged whiner who  has the luxury of her employer footing the bill for the ability to travel and “find herself” after leaving her perfectly nice husband.  Nice double standard.  If, say, Clive Owen had starred in an identical film to EPL, but with all the roles gender-reversed, I doubt we’d be talking about how “brave” the main character is for dumping his wife, running off to foreign lands for lots of food and sex…and praying.  Yeah, right.

Give me Eric Roberts, Jason Statham, Jet Li and all (okay, most) of those other boys any time over that self-satisfied and snooty Julia Roberts.

Bleh.  Bad taste in my mouth.