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Jennifer Lopez Performs for Wedding in Ukraine for $1 Million (VIDEO)

JLo is Epic Win.

Photo & Video: LIFENEWS

Jennifer Lopez, The Wedding Singer? Can’t say that I blame JLo for leaving the U.S. just days after the public announcement of her split with that controlling, tiny Napoleonistic a-hole Marc Anthony.

After all, he ran off to Colombia and said this crap:

“They’re saying I’m single,” he told the audience to cheers at Símon Bolívar Metropolitan Park in Bogotá, according to People.com.

Anthony made no specific mention of Lopez, but he blew several kisses at the crowd, and called one female fan “Mamacita,” which translated to “Hot Moma.” He later told her, “You’re so beautiful.”

"God, I hate choo."

Photo: GettyImages

I know. That photo up there doesn’t have anything to do with this post, but I think it’s funny.  If you’ll recall, Skeletor and JLo performed together during the finale of American Idol, (read: Skeletor sang angrily and JLo shook her booty and glared).