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American Music Awards Winners – FULL LIST (Pics/VIDEOS) West Coast SPOILER ALERT

LOVED Rihanna's Red Carpet dress...
Yeah. Thanks for that.

Guess who can’t watch The AMA’s due to Stupid DirecTV screwing up the ABC feed? And guess who was unable to watch a live-stream of the American Music Awards east coast time? So, EFF it…here’s a big fat spoiler, and all I can say is WFT?  Bieber??  Black Eyed Peas??  What-bloody-EVER.

I actually really liked Enrique’s performance:


Sigh…here. Justin Bieber.  (Did he lighten his wig?)

Oh, look--Pink's gettin' Mama boobies! (And singin' GREAT!)

Pink was uh-mazing and showing a little baby bump, but that didn’t stop Mama from workin’ it OUT, early 90’s-style!

Here’s a complete winners list from the 2010 American Music Awards:

Artist of the Year – Justin Bieber

T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist – Justin Bieber

Pop or Rock Music:
Favorite Male Artist – Justin Bieber
Favorite Female Artist –
Favorite Band, Duo or Group – The Black Eyed Peas
Favorite Album – Justin Bieber, ‘My World 2.0’

Country Music:
Favorite Male Artist – Brad Paisley
Favorite Female Artist – Taylor Swift
Favorite Band, Duo or Group – Lady Antebellum
Favorite Album –

Rap/Hip-Hop Music:
Favorite Male Artist – Eminem
Favorite Album – Eminem, ‘Recovery’

Soul/Rhythm & Blues Music:
Favorite Male Artist – Usher
Favorite Female Artist – Rihanna
Favorite Album – Usher, ‘Raymond v. Raymond’

Favorite Album –

Alternative Rock Music:
Favorite Artist – Muse

Adult Contemporary Music:
Favorite Artist – Michael Bublé

Latin Music:
Favorite Artist – Shakira

Best for last, though? New Kids on the Block (whom I was never got into) and Backstreet Boys (ummm…yeah, and HELL yeah!)…check it!  Oh, I Want It That Way. Loves.

Glad I was able to see the best parts via YouTube!

Stupid DirecTV…and ABC affiliates!  You’re gonna catch HELL for this, I guaran-effing-tee it.