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Wanna See Britney’s Engagement Ring, Y’all?

Awwww...Jason and Brit-Brit


Look at Britwick!  They are so stinkin’ cute, I can’t stand it.  Brit took to Twitter again last night…

Planet Hollywood, girl?  Eeeek.  Who goes there anymore?  Anyway, take a peek-a-loo close-up like at the RING:

Neil Lane, y'all!!

You know what?  I love that Brit’s ring isn’t vulgar like Kim Kardashi-hole’s fake wedding ring.  It’s lovely and tasteful (?!), and still a nice size.

Good for Britney and Jason!!

Britney Spears is ENGAGED, Y’all!!

Oh. Gurrrrrl.

Can you even BELIEVE it, y’all?? Britney’s gettin’ hitched again!  Babygirl Tweeted to all her followers (that always sound so cult-like) confirming what we’ve been hearing, that her long-time boyfriend, Jason Trawick popped the question last night!

I understand there will be a pre-nup.  Now someone explain to me if Daddy Spears will still be Brit’s conservator?  How does that work?  She’s a grown-ass woman, is getting married again, and will undoubtedly have another baby.  I think it’s time she took back the reigns of her life and career.

Say it with meh, y’all:  THEY SAY I’M CRAZY — I GOTCHO CRAZY!!!

Now, let’s all “leave Britney alone” and let her have some fun with Jason!!

Frances Bean Cobain is Engaged

Frances Bean Cobain - Photo by Rocky Schenck


The only child of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain could be getting married soon. An unnamed source confirmed People that the 19-year old is engaged to her boyfriend of more than a year, Isaiah Silva who is the frontman for the L.A. based band The Rambles.

Frances and her fianace` Isaiah

Photo: People.com

The folks over at O.C. Weekly were the first to suspect that Frances might be getting ready to jump the broom. They reported that she changed her relationship status on Facebook to “engaged” a couple of weeks ago.  So this is the new way to announce major life changing news?  On Facebook?!  The couple use fake names, hers is Frances Rachel Leigh Cook (like the actress) and his is Isaiah David Berkowitz Cusack. Is this some Marilyn Manson-type thing?  The Son of Sam, really??

“Getting to spend the rest of my life loving my best friend makes me the luckiest woman in the world,” Cobain wrote in a comment on her page dated Sept. 13, right after Silva called himself “a lucky man.”

Ah, young love. What is annoying me about this news is that people are implying that Courtney would be a terrible mother-in-law. Maybe, but I would hope she would be happy for her daughter.

Make sure you holler “we want pre-nup!” though, girl.