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Guess what? Lindsay Lohan looks HOT in German GQ, thanks to PHOTOS by Ellen von Unwerth

I'm coveting that swimsuit..for reals.
Don't even hate. Linds is one hot bitch.
Hot. The End.

As a professional photographer (in case I haven’t tooted that loud horn of mine lately),  I really appreciate the beauty and heat and sexiness of these photos by acclaimed badass former model turned-photographer Ellen von Unwerth.  I’ve admired (understatement) her work for years.   She’s edgy–yeah, that word is completely over-used at this point, but she is the personification of EDGE.  Sexy edge.

Hmmmm…this is turning into a post about Ellen von Unwerth instead.  That’s fine with me, actually.  I don’t feel like getting into Lindsay’s legal crap right now.  I just want to bring more attention to this utterly fantastic photographer.

All photos by Ellen von Unwerth:

Lady Gaga in 2009 in OUT Magazine
Britney Jean Spears looking effing GORGEOUS
Christina Aguilera times two...
Rihanna's "Rated R" album cover

Ellen’s fashion editorial work is sexual and controversial…and who doesn’t love that concept?

"Revenge - The Garden" by Ellen von Unwerth

Oh, how I would love to job-shadow Ellen; for about a year….