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Mario Testino’s Short Film, Featuring Kristen Stewart

She'll never look as good as she does here...Oh, KStew.

Oh, forpitySAKE. Look at Kristen Stewart.  I guess it takes an amazing photographer, hair and makeup artists and a stylist, (and maybe a little weed…just tellin’ ya what I heard!) THEN–and ONLY THEN will KStew appear to be having a bit of fun while smoking in black and white.  Did I mention the photographer is MARIO TESTINO?  (Oh, yeah.  Up there.)  Yeah.  Quite possibly the Royal Photographer for Kate and William’s wedding in April?  Yeah.




And, Sherilyn. (OKAY! I love her!! So WHAT???)

So watch Sourpuss Kristen channel Elizabeth Taylor, Vivien Leigh…even Sherilyn Fenn.  (Psssh…she bloody wishes she could exude that kind of heat.)


I don’t buy it. Kristen looks good…but she’ll never have “It”.