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Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Kill It In Hilarious Emmy Promo – Barely Legal Pawn



I’m not even kidding when I tell you people that I would watch Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul do LAUNDRY. Basically, I just want a USTREAM “puppy-cam”-type deal, following them around 24/7. Is that too much to ask? AnyOBSESSION. Let’s all take a peek-a-loo at the awesomeness that is the Barely Legal Pawn Emmy promo. (Oh yeah, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is in the clip, as well.)

I tell ya what, Bryan Cranston can get all smarmy with me anytime he damn-well pleases–snakeskin boots and all. I’m totally gonna be wearing my “Tread Lightly” shirt on Monday, August 25th and screaming like a 13 year old One Direction goon when (not bloody IF) Bryan wins for Best Actor in a Drama for Breaking Bad.


You’re goddamn right.

‘Workaholics’ Recap, Alice Quits


Alice Murphy is the long suffering, and frankly bitchy, manager at TelAmeriCorp who reminds me a bit too much of a woman I used to work with–which is the genius of this show. The employees seem like the crazy people every office has and sometimes the only way to get through a long, boring day is to roll up on some fools with your airsoft guns.


Alice is being evaluated but because she had to be an adult and take away the boy’s toys, they threaten to give her a low grade until she gives them back the guns. While they enjoy their free day, Alice gets the boot from Travis, played by Daniel Stern. I don’t know why they didn’t work a ‘Home Alone’ reference into this episode, but moving on.

The guys soon realize their mistake when Travis separates them and takes down the cubicles, even whipping out his dick to scare them off. Everyone in the office is just as unhappy as the boys are, especially poor JetSet who just wants to wear his hair slicked down. Though his fro is pretty cool.

They finally do get Travis when he violently kills Jillian’s birds with the airsoft guns. One of the managers from an animal company refuses to work with a bird killer and Alice is able to make her somewhat triumphant return to the office.

Two of the best scenes came as a result of the late, great JetSet. When Travis insists on calling him by his real name he gets upset and leaves with his beloved cactus, “MY NAME IS JET-MOTHER-F***ING-SET! And you can call me Patrick Swayze cuz I’m ghost!’

Later in a show of solidarity, Blake, Ders and Adam slick down their hair like his and we get pixelated dicks. Blurred dicks? I thought this show was on Comedy Central? Oh well.

Thanks to Workaholics‘ Tumblr for the pic!