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MTV Bans Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s “Telephone” video. BFD.

She's been a very bad girl

Photos via E!News


MTV (who should just get it over with and change the name to DRTV for Dirty Reality TV) is dead.  The executives think it’s more than fine to show a bunch of east coast hoo-wahs (read: whores with a NJ accent) fornicating in a diseased hot-tub, but have decided that Lady Gaga’s mini-film/video “Telephone” is inappropriate, and have hence banned it from programming. My question is, when would they have fit it in, anyway? Between The (Dumb Ass) Hills and the Jersey Whores Marathons, music simply isn’t part of the channel.

P*ssy Wagon Girls

Oh, MTV.  You’re so irrelevant.  No one even cares .  Wait. You know what? I DO care that you don’t play videos anymore. It effing pisses me off.  Sometimes I don’t wanna watch ’em on YouTube, but thank the Lawd I can, since y’all just don’t even play ’em anymore.

Eff all y’all.