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Happy Birthday, Ed Lover! Do the “Ed Lover Dance”, Y’all!

C’mon, SON!  Some of y’all were right there with me getting our dose of what was REAL back in the DAY.

Okay, truth time.  I watched Yo! MTV Raps because I loved Ed Lover.  I was the chick wearing the long, ugly/pretty granny dresses with Doc Martens and a sour look on my face. (Hey, Seattle in the 90’s?  What did you bloody expect?)  I was attending the Seattle Art Institute, gettin’ my degree in Photography, and listening to Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chainsblah, blah, grunge-y BLAH.  BUT.  I had more varied tastes than the typical sullen Seattle a-holes scuffing around, and when Yo! was on, I was there–mostly for Ed Lover, who turns 48 (!) years old today.

The “Ed Lover Dance” made me squeal with delight. How else was a white girl supposed to keep up with the real shit while living in the rainy Northwest? C’mon, SON!

Ed has some hilarious webisodes of show called, (durrrr) C’mon SON that you can find on that YouTube.  Go watch that one…C’mon SON–now you have something to DO on this rainy Saturday.