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Megan Fox in Interview Magazine (Pictures)

Megan Fox. Hmmm.
Again with the Megan Fox in Interview Magazine
Photos of The Megan Fox by Craig McDean for Interview Magazine

These photos are probably the most interesting I’ve even seen of Megan Fox.  I don’t know what point the photographer was trying to make (sometimes  we  simply leave up to the viewer of the photo to figure it out themselves).  Is Megan supposed to be weary of her image as nothing more than a lovely façade?  Or is she in love and sexually attracted to the cold, hard mannequin who seems to be made in her image?  Or maybe, the photographer was being controversial simply for the sake of being, well controversial?

Whichever it is, Megan looks tremendous.  I’m just pleased that I don’t have to hear her speak.  Hey.  Maybe I just figured it out!