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Song Of The Day – Paolo Nutini ‘Let Me Down Easy’

Paolo Nutini - Dipped In Cream's Boo
Paolo Nutini – Dipped In Cream’s Boo

Oh, Babydoll. This song right here, y’all. I’ll let you listen and watch one of DiC’s many Boos, Paolo Nutini.

Right? Whooooboy. This song makes me wanna put on my pointy heels, a tight dress and sing back-up for Paolo.  Now 27, Paolo is growing into his raspy and sexy voice. And daaayum if he ain’t even prettier. (I think I’ll apply to write for Tiger Beat Magazine next week.)  I hear a Marvin Gaye influence…in a GOOD way; not a Robin Thicke stealer-way.

I’m making a road trip set-list for our annual trip to our other home in Sun Valley, Idaho. It’s gonna be a great ride with my Silver Fox and our pups, Mick and James.

Do you love this new sound of Paolo’s?

Happy Birthday, Angelina Jolie!

Angelina Jolie, presented with a 'Maleficent' birthday cake in Shanghai
Angelina Jolie, presented with a ‘Maleficent’ birthday cake in Shanghai

We here at Dipped in Cream really do love Angie. We love her Hayseed, Brad Pitt, too. We love her kids. We love her French chateau. (I’m saying all that in Antoine (“Hide Yo Kids”) Dodson’s intonation, FYI.) But we DO love her!

The Beautiful One is 39 years old today. Let’s take a look at our girl through the years, shall we?


‘Maleficent’ – I’d actually like this photograph mounted and framed over my mantle. Too much? I don’t think so.


Angie rolling in the grass for Rolling Stone


St. Angelina


The first appearance of ‘Angie’s Leg’ at the Golden Globes


The perfect pregnant woman…


Angie’s super-short hair after completing ‘GIA’


Angie’s Golden Globe winning performance for ‘GIA’ on HBO


Our favorite Bad Girl Angie


And this is where it alllll began. Mr. and Mrs. Hotty McSexySmith


Angie’s Oscar-winning performance of Lisa in ‘Girl Interrupted’

Which Angie persona is YOUR favorite? Did I leave any out?

Red Alert! The Mikkelsen Men Are Taking Over Fandom! MONDAY MAN CRUSH!


Brace yourselves, y’all. If you couldn’t tell by my above exuberance, the Mikkelsens are coming. It has just been announced that accomplished Danish actor Lars Mikkelsen, brother to Mads, will have a key role in the coming 3rd season of BBC’s Sherlock. I…honestly don’t know whether to crow or give my condolences right now. Sorry, fandom, I knew thee well? These brothers have got shit on LOCK from what twitter/tumblr rainbow!barf is telling me. This, is despite Hannibal being currently off-air while Sherlock s3 hasn’t even started yet. It’s a scary thing. Let me dance in it.

Lars will be playing a villain (snerk) named Charles Augustus Magnussen and, as far as we know, all direct references to canon blackmailing villain “Charles Augustus Milverton” are correct and expected. *does the wave* Get used to the above picture: You’ll be seeing it a lot as fans the world over begin frothing at the mouth. Can’t say I blame them.


Goddamn, I love Denmark.

Mads and Lars
Mads and Lars Mikkelsen

[Editor’s Note: I am losing my shit. TWO MIKKELSEN MEN! I can’t. I just can’t. BUT. I. WILL. And clearly there is a shortage on cheekbones because of these two. I say GOTDAAAAAYUMMM. – DivaJulia]