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James Franco, in DRAG for Candy Magazine

Such a Pretty Little Thing

James Franco has certainly revealed more of his weird side lately. No complaints from me, he’s adorably weird.  Here he is on the cover of the transversal style magazine Candy.  I hadn’t heard of Candy until now, and I think having someone as famous as James on the cover will only increase their exposure. The photos were shot by Terry Richardson. If you can get over that little fact, they’re pretty good. The earrings and the gloves are especially fabulous. Two snaps!

I love what Candy is doing and hope to see more.  I’m sure this issue will be hard to find though.  Here’s a look at what they’re all about.

A little heavy on...well, ALL of it. Eyes OR lips, James. Eyes OR lips.
James and Terry...

Photographer, Terry Richardson just oozes “creep”, doesn’t he.  That wasn’t a question.