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Brittani’s Album Review – Dragonette’s ‘Bodyparts’

You’ve probably never heard of Candian electro-pop trio Dragonette, but you have heard their collaboration with French DJ Martin SolveigHello” in every other commercial and trailer for anything remotely cutesy. They prove that they are more than just commercial pop fodder with their third studio album release, Bodyparts.

Dragonette first grabbed me with their cover of Calvin Harris‘  “Girls,” their version was called “Boys” and I’ve been hooked ever since. A big part of why I like them is the salacious subject matter of some of their songs. Lead singer Martina Sorbara met her husband,  Dan Kurtz when he was still with someone else, and the two have been together ever since.


Cheating, and wanting to cheat, have been the inspiration behind “Liar” from their last album “Fixin To Thrill”, and “I Get Around” from their first album Galore. It’s mostly fun affairs with dancing on Bodyparts, “My Legs” and the official lead single “Live In This City” are the popiest tunes on the album. “Right Woman” and the opener “Run Run Run” simmer amongst tracks like “Giddy Up” which might be this album’s “Gone Too Far.” Perfect for a sweaty, hipster hoedown.

Dragonette’s sound has changed a bit over the last couple of albums, but they are more mature here and I hope this opens them up to an even larger audience. EDM (electonic dance music) is popular right now, almost too popular, but they do it right.  They’re also competing with No Doubt this Tuesday for your money, check them out!

Bodyparts gets 4 Bleakeys!