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Alice in Wonderland Breaks Box Office Records

Alice! You're back!!

Wow.  It looks like Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” is breaking some maaayjah records, even beating Avatar in its first weekend of 3-D wide-release.  Those are some BIG numbers.

via MTVNews.com

“Wonderland” established several new records during its opening weekend, including the greatest premiere for any film released in 2010 thus far, as well as the best ever March debut, outpacing the $70.8 million earned by Zack Snyder’s “300” in 2007. “Wonderland” marks the most successful film launch of the Burton’s distinguished career. Disney’s latest also enjoyed best opening weekend ever for a non-sequel film, though the brand of “Wonderland” is clearly recognized across the globe. All of these records owe no small thanks to the increased ticket prices from 3-D and IMAX locations.

I wonder if Alice will have the kind of numbers that Avatar has continued to keep  accruing.  On one hand, you have the sci-fi dorks who will see Avatar a billion times; and on the other hand, you have the Hot Topic goons who have to buy the lunch boxes, Mad Hatter garb, the Manic Panic haircolor….you get the idea.  Will those kids keep lining up for the movie itself?  Probably.  We have the matter of memorizing all of Johnny Depp’s lines to consider, remember?

Smuggs von Tyrantstein
Bashful McQuirksgaard

Only time will tell.   Personally?  I would LOVE to see Tim Burton wipe that smug-ass smirk off James Cameron’s face.