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Terry Richardson and Jared Leto are DFFs

Creepy Uncle Terry and Dorian Gray--I mean, Jered Leto


DFFs? Yeah, Douche Friends Forever. I’m sure you’re familiar with photographer (Pervy Uncle)Terry Richardson‘s work, and Jared Leto is one of his favorite subjects. Beyond the many photo shoots they’ve done together, the two happen to be really good friends, for some reason…and frankly, I’m not sure we want to know the details.

The pair were seen at the Yves Saint Laurent fashion show in Paris most yesterday. Leto sported a mesh shirt from 1987, while Uncle Terry continued his perfected “Creeper From Down The Street” look with his trademark glasses and Converse. I know Leto, who is  has an aging painting of himself in an attic somewhere, but you’d think he would try to play up his pretty a little more.

Seriously. MESH??