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Tosh.0 Recap – Video Breakdown: Amateur Superman

My Imaginary Boyfriend sits in a highchair...jealous?

Daniel was back to his mean, mean, FUNNY, mean self last night…and it’s about GOTdamn time. I haven’t been screaming/choking/laughing nearly as much as I had been in the previous two seasons of Tosh.0.

Daniel mentions that he’s not feeling very well and he’s a bit crabby–and it shows–and I LOVED it.

Usually I discuss Daniel’s Web Redemption, but I found the Crying Wrestling dude to be so creepy and pervy that I just couldn’t.  Nope.  So instead, we have the Video Breakdown:   Amateur Superman.

Seriously.  Watch it and laugh.

Oh, Daniel. Your “…that guy’s about to do a flip of a GOTdamn roof!” made me pee a little.

Julia’s Tosh.0 Recap! Extended “Web Redemption” of that Dancing Dude

Oh, Daniel.

We all know my love for Daniel.  The Extended Web Redemption interview with that weird dancing dude from last night is awwwesome. (Cringe-y, yes.)  All I need is to see Daniel’s giant smile and crinkly eyes while he’s being Mr. Inappropriate and I’m happy.

via Comedy Central:

From Daniel’s mouth…

When I was a kid, even my imaginary friend played with the kid across the street. I’d be, like, “Hey, so I guess I’ll see you in me later,” and he’s, like, “Whatever, queer!” That’s a hate crime!

God, I love Daniel.

DivaJulia’s Tosh.0 Recap – “Star Spangled Banner” Girl (Extended Version)

via ComedyCentral:

What the hell is a “rampart”? Oh, Daniel Tosh.

I love how Daniel sits. Legs crossed like a chick.  The cue cards were awesome during the Web Redemption.

You know, I’m feeling the new season of Tosh.0 just isn’t as hilarious as last year’s.  It’s early, yet, but right now I’m not head-over-heels, peeing-my-pants in love and laughing.

Daniel’s still cute as a dirty little button, though.