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Alec Baldwin’s Homophobic Twitter Rant – Double Standards For ‘Liberal’ Men?



Honestly. I’ve been turning into a loud, angry feminist this week, starting off with a certain “state” in the country–I mention no names. (My apologies to my beloved SilverFox husband, for my own rants.) Just know, I’ll be all over the map on this post, as I tend to do when something really gets my wet, stinky goat.

By now, everyone knows about the fallout from Paula Deen’s use of a completely unacceptable word. Dropped like a hot tater by EVERY SINGLE professional partnership she ever signed on with–and rightly so. My question to you is, why the gotdamnhell does Alec Baldwin continually get away with nasty behavior and slurs?

Let’s take a look at Baldwin’s rant on Twitter yesterday, as he “defended” his wife when she was accused of Tweeting during James Gandolfini’s funeral in New York yesterday:



Um. Wow. That’s some ugly Tweeting right there. Does Baldwin get away with this kind of talk because, allegedly, he’s a liberal man?? God knows, we’ve crucified (ahem) Mel Gibson for the bile he has spewed, but he’s a known conservative nutball, right? What if, say, Melissa McCarthy were the one in question here? What kind of backlash would she be getting? Fired from CBS? Boycotting of her new film? I guaran-effing-TEE we’d being seeing some woman-hate and not merely a collective shrug-off like, “oh, that ALEC and his silly temper!” I don’t see Capitol One dropping his ass, do you?

In other words, Baldwin gets a giggly-pass for his Words With Friends On A Plane performance, another Twitter rant regarding a Starbuck’s barista.



Oh. Does anyone remember the voicemail Mr. Baldwin left his then 11-year old daughter, Ireland for not answering her phone at the designated time? Do the words “thoughtless little pig” ring a bell? Let me refresh your memory:

Is it just me? Or does this award-winning blow-hard just GET to do this shit?  What are your feelings on this guy?  I know of one journalist who doesn’t take kindly to Baldwin’s dirty mouth:



I believe Alec Baldwin could PUBLICLY call a woman the c-word and get away with doing so, because it’s a man’s world.

You can quote me on that.

Got A Minute? We Need To Have A Chat.



I’m aware that I’ve been a complete dud lately in terms of writing for my blog, Dipped In Cream. It all started with the Newtown, CT shooting.  Suddenly I felt like writing about Bieber or Paltrow was just lame…but then it snowballed. (You don’t have to say it: I realize I did manage to write about David Bowie on occasion and nearly turned this into a Bowie Blog.) Speaking of, this song hit a chord with me: Afraid by David Bowie. And don’t just scroll through it; LISTEN to it. You might really get it.


But I’m not done here. Not by a long shot. I do want to start by thanking my darling Brittani ~ The Girl You Want (who goes by @Bleakey on Twitter) for being incredibly consistent and funny with her posts. (I’ll wait while you applaud my genius Contributing Editor.) Roger Ebert used the word, GENIUS with regard to Brittani, if you’ll recall!



So, what exactly is my deal?  I feel like I’ve been having some weird-ass kind of writer’s block. I simply won’t post something here if I can’t put my personality and opinion into it, in order  just get “hits”.

In fact, I have several big projects I’m supposed to be working on, and I can’t get the words right. (Tim and James–I’m talking about you two), as well as my writing duties for The Beauty Stop. I can’t believe I haven’t been fired–thank you, Allie. You’re amazing.

I guess the first step is admitting you have a problem, right?



Thank you all for sticking with Dipped in Cream. I’m trying my level best to get back on the horse.


Who Was Sent Home On ‘The Voice’? Which Coach Is Left Without A Contestant? DivaJulia’s Two Cents.


Oh, Lordy.  I’m not gonna lie.  I’ve been a little on edge about who was getting sent home on The Voice tonight, so I had to peek at the  east coast feed.  I hate surprises for the most part; I love spoilers and I USED to peek at my Christmas presents when I was little.  It’s just in my nature to need to KNOW what’s up.


Amanda & Trevin Do Gaga


First off, we got to see Amanda Brown and Trevin Hunte perform another cool duet.  This time they tackled,  Lady Gaga’s Marry the Night.  Not as dramatic as their first time taking the stage together when they KILLED IT with Mariah Carey’s Vision of Love, but still.  They seemed to have fun.

Cee Lo GREEN and Kermit brought a tear to our eyes with It’s Not Easy Being Green. That song does it every time, right?  Miss Piggy and Donatella Versace  Janice were looking great, weren’t they?

Okay.  Stay on task, sister.

The saved contestants are as follows:

Cassadee Pope (Team Blake)

Amanda Brown (Team Adam)

Melanie Martinez (Team Adam)

Nicholas David (Team Cee Lo)

Terry McDermott (Team Blake)

Trevin Hunte (Team Cee Lo)

Notice anyone’s name missing up there?  Well, besides Cody Belew and Dez Duron?  Yep.  Ms. Christina Aguilera doesn’t have a contestant in the competition any longer (see Dez Duron again).  This latest event will most certainly cause her to wear her bitch hat even harder, particularly with the remaining gals.  I just can’t with Christina’s alternately disinterested and coarse demeanor toward singers she doesn’t enjoy.  She cannot even bring herself to be courteous and it’s shameful, really.

As I may have mentioned last night by horning in on Brittani’s post, Christina has been jumping up and down on my last nerve more than usual this season.   I think her haughty and superior attitude may have hurt her in terms of votes for her singers, or maybe I’m just reading too much into the fact that her team was never as good as the other judges.

Bottom line:  America got it right by sending Cody Belew and Dez Duron home.