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Got A Minute? We Need To Have A Chat.



I’m aware that I’ve been a complete dud lately in terms of writing for my blog, Dipped In Cream. It all started with the Newtown, CT shooting.  Suddenly I felt like writing about Bieber or Paltrow was just lame…but then it snowballed. (You don’t have to say it: I realize I did manage to write about David Bowie on occasion and nearly turned this into a Bowie Blog.) Speaking of, this song hit a chord with me: Afraid by David Bowie. And don’t just scroll through it; LISTEN to it. You might really get it.


But I’m not done here. Not by a long shot. I do want to start by thanking my darling Brittani ~ The Girl You Want (who goes by @Bleakey on Twitter) for being incredibly consistent and funny with her posts. (I’ll wait while you applaud my genius Contributing Editor.) Roger Ebert used the word, GENIUS with regard to Brittani, if you’ll recall!



So, what exactly is my deal?  I feel like I’ve been having some weird-ass kind of writer’s block. I simply won’t post something here if I can’t put my personality and opinion into it, in order  just get “hits”.

In fact, I have several big projects I’m supposed to be working on, and I can’t get the words right. (Tim and James–I’m talking about you two), as well as my writing duties for The Beauty Stop. I can’t believe I haven’t been fired–thank you, Allie. You’re amazing.

I guess the first step is admitting you have a problem, right?



Thank you all for sticking with Dipped in Cream. I’m trying my level best to get back on the horse.


‘I’ll Have Another’ Not Running for Triple Crown in Belmont Stakes – Injury Forces Retirement

I guess SJP won't win the Triple Crown. (I know. Just let me have my fun, okay??)


Oh dear.  The thoroughbred beauty, I’ll Have Another, who was a Triple Crown-winning hopeful, has not only had to pull out of the Belmont Stakes, but retire from racing altogether due to tendonitis.

via Philly.com

“The winner of the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes is too valuable as a potential sire to risk on the race track any longer. I’ll Have Another won’t be allowed to do much more than walk, but at least he’ll walk away from a game, and a difficult Triple Crown schedule, that claimed Barbaro and Eight Belles and crippled many others.


I'll Have Another's Kentucky Derby Win


“Just a freakish thing,” O’Neill said. “When you have a human or equine athlete who gives 110 percent every time they step on the court or the track, you’re [susceptible] to injury. I’ve been hoping and praying he would stay injury-free and . . . it didn’t happen.”

I’ll Have Another had a chance to end the drought until the swelling in his left foreleg took him out of the Belmont and retired him from racing. Now he has joined the list of 11 other horses since Affirmed who won the Derby and Preakness but couldn’t complete the Triple Crown. Unlike I’ll Have Another, though, the others were given a chance.

So sad for the owners and horse people who were hoping for an historic Triple Crown win.  But, hello STUD FEES!

Sarah Jessica Parker in ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’ – I’ll Tell You How, My Friends

Oh, for eff's sake.

Allow me to set the tone here. I’m hungry, thus I have a headache. It’s gorgeous outside and I should be outside freckling tanning my blubber without sunscreen.

Now this.  And by “this” I mean the Official Horse Trailer to Sarah Jessica Parker’s idiotic new film, “I Don’t Know How She Does It”.  (In case anyone is concerned–and I know you aren’t–I do have a bucket of slimy, hay-filled water from the County Fair barn to douse my hair that is once again on fire, thankyouverymuch.)

Watch this lame piece of crap, won’t you?

Okay. Now.  I have ONE. SINGLE. WORD that smacked me in the face while watching this whiny, privileged, married and living in a crazy-expensive home in New York City while wearing crazy-expensive clothing working mother of two:  NANNY.  The End. Seriously. End of GOTdamn story.

"The Sarah" - by Manolo Blahnik

I swear, if I have to see that mare struggling to dress herself and cram her hoof into a shoe while looking oh, so darling and disheveled (it’s all the rage, you know), I will pull an Elvis and shoot my GOTdamn Magnavox television set that is sitting on top of my worshin’ machine.

The very idea of this film is stale and insulting to women who HAVE to work for a low to average wage, living in a crappy apartment, bills up her bum,  perhaps raising those precious children without a husband at all, and a…don’t make me say it again–NANNY.  Now there’s the real question!  How does SHE do it??  But that wouldn’t make for an interesting movie, now would it?

Oh, believe me, I get that a movie is supposed to be a form of escapism, so don’t EVEN.  That’s why I lean toward thrillers featuring ballet and black birds and anything starring Paul Rudd or Anthony Hopkins.  I’ll take a funny-smart dude or a crazy-sexy older psychopath ANY day over this drivel.


So.  Just how does SJP “do it” exactly?  I know you’re still wondering, so I did a little research all in the name of…I don’t know what.

The Horse Beauty Kit, complete with shampoo, spray-on mane de-tangler and toothbrushes!

Don’t forget the accessories!

Who says you can't wear florals in Autumn?

Clearly…the equine-set have an awful lot to teach us how they “do it”, don’t they?