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Amy Winehouse’s To Do List, before she was famous

Miss Amy Winehouse...back in the day.

Like a lot of people, singer Amy Winehouse had plans for when she became famous. A diary of her song lyrics was found in stash of old school books in a dumpster on a North London street. She called her diary “Amy’s Songs” and made a list of things she wanted to do before she hit it big. The diary is from 2001, just a year before she landed her big record contract.

Amy's diary...

In another entry, Amy writes about a guy named Felix with whom there is “too much sexual tension.” Winehouse’s rep tells PEOPLE magazine she wants them back. “Yes, they are hers,” her rep confirms. “They got thrown out by mistake and she’s in the process of getting them back now.” Amy is set to embark on a comeback tour in Brazil starting January.

Hope she’s still on the road to recovery, and I hope she got her tanning bed!

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