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Which Tiara Will Kate Middleton Wear for the Wedding? Decisions!

Hmmmmm...which tiara??

CAWWWW CAWWWW CAWWWWW!  (That’s the sound I make when I see shiny things  (read: diamonds) … because I’m a CROW.



I’m hearing about all kinds of “cool” people who are SO not into the Royal Wedding of William and Kate during the past few days.  In face, those of us who are dying of excitement about it are being looked down upon and mocked.  Are. You. KIDDING. Me??  You know what?  Fine. Act all hipster-y and pretend you aren’t interested in the tremendousness.  I know and YOU know that you’ll be up at the gee-dee CRACK just like the awesome people who have the guts to admit that we’re dying of anticipation.  So don’t EVEN.  (Nice try, though.)

Is it just me who feels icky about the ring sitch?

I seriously cannot wait to see Kate’s dress.  Having said that,  I’m still creeped out by the engagement ring situation.  I know all the jewels are passed down from generation to generation, blahblahROYALFAMILYblah…it just makes me cringe, and feel sad.  I don’t think it’s “cursed” like some people say, it’s just the image of Diana wearing the diamond and sapphire ring–then all the crap she had to go through while married to Prince Charles?  I just can’t with it.

So yeah.  I’m taking it all very seriously.  Hush up.  Alla y’all.