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‘Dexter’ Season 8 ‘The End Begins’ – Official Trailer

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Hoooboy.  Shit’s gettin’ real.  After Deb killed Maria LaGuerta but not her serial killer brother last season, it seems she’s losing it. Drugs, booze and random sex. Oh, and a DUI.

So. If we had to pit Dr. Lecter against Dexter Morgan, I wonder what would happen. I say Hannibal for the win. Hmmm…after just one search, I see there are a whole lot of nuts out there posting the same question. I won’t give you the link.  You can do that yourself.

The final season of Dexter begins June 30th on Showtime.  See you there.

Am I reading too much in the Julia Stiles interview about “Dexter”?

Julia Stiles and Michael C. Hall - Dexter

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Rumors are a-swirlin’ about a possible “thing” between Julia Stiles and Michael C. Hall that may have started during the filming of the latest season of Dexter.  As we stated earlier this week, Michael C. Hall and his wife (and co-star) Jennifer Carpenter are divorcing.

I like to think I’m a good judge of body language and tone of voice.  (I’ve actually been diagnosed as being hypersensitive; it’s a blessing, but mostly a curse.)  So.  Watching and listening to Ms. Stiles discuss her character, Lumen’s relationship with Dexter, I got major affection-vibes.

See what you think:

To me, I’m hearing Julia speak about more than just an on-screen bond with her on-screen love.  But that’s just me…shrug.

Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter from “Dexter” file for divorce

"Dexter" and "Deb" - SPLIT

Wow–the second breakup to be reported today, Dexter stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter file for divorce after barely two years of marriage.  A joint exclusive statement to EW from their representatives read: “Having been separated for some time, Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall have filed for divorce.” The pair were married on December 31, 2008.

Both of their reps and the couple say that their split is amicable. The couple met on the set of the hit Showtime series, where they play brother and sister.  Hall has been battling Hodgkins lymphoma, which he completed treatment for earlier this year.

First Zanessa (that’s Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens for those of you who don’t watch the Disney Channel), now the serial-killer brother and foster-sister duo. The year 2010 was certainly the year of the divorce/break ups.