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‘Workaholics’ Returns With ‘Booger Nights’


I’m happy to be adding ‘Workaholics’ to my weekly tv schedule. I’m one of those “loose buttholes” that discovered the show late, but hey I love it now. The show started it’s fourth season with a gross but hilarious episode featuring Bill, one of TelAmeriCorp’s many oddball employees.

When the guys learn that they won’t be invited to help roast Bill, they take it upon themselves to find out everything they can about “Weekend Bill” so that they can upstage Montez at the roast. They follow him around for a day and witness him doing yoga naked and engaging in his embarrassing hobby of being a robot statue. Bill doesn’t even want the roast, but the guys are determined to make it make it fun for him, and themselves.

This leads to Ders, Adam and Blake taking over the roast all while dressed as Mike Myer‘s many characters and the party takes a strange turn when Bill whips out a gun and takes all the other employees hostage. After he “kills” Adam, he makes Montez eat Wayman’s boogers and poor Jet Set has to poop his pants, although Jillian should be given props for volunteering to crap herself.

Blake tries to push the prank a little further by telling Bill to get Ders to admit that ‘Wayne’s World‘ is the best of Myer’s films, which isn’t a lie, but they’re made when ‘The Love Guru’ loving Adam comes back from the dead. The pranks on this show never really work out the way they should and the roast was a two for one special when a  fake SWAT team headed by Alice’s brother Brad tricks the guys into thinking they’re all going to jail. It’s what they get for saying “chicks aren’t funny.”

Perhaps a slightly meta reference to all the real world talk about female comedians. The references to Myer’s movies were absolutely silly, but so are his movies and even though the guys tend to agree on most things. of course they would be split on which is the best. Despite the gag inducing title, “Booger Nights” was a great start for what i’m sure is going to be a great, extended fourth season.

If you’re new to the show, get weird and check out the first three seasons. It’s totally worth it, and occasionally the guys take off their shirts.