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Ryan Lochte Visits ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’



Derp Medal Winner, RyRy Lochte

My [Editor’s Note: It’s BRITTANI, bitch! DivaJulia cannot tolerate this doofus] adorable but daft boyfriend Ryan Lochte continued his media blitz by hanging out with Jimmy Fallon on ‘Late Night.’ He seemed a bit more relaxed here than he was on ‘The Tonight Show,’ Jimmy has that affect on people. The two talked about his swim race with Prince Harry, but Ryan wasn’t invited to that naked billiards party up in Harry’s suite. As he told Matt Lauer on ‘Today,’ he “didn’t need that” kind of publicity, although some people blamed Lochte for Harry’s hard partying in Vegas. Everyone knows Harry is literally the red headed step child of the Royals, so he would have played naked pool even if he hadn’t met Ryan for about five minutes.

Jimmy is known for asking his guests to play games, and while I was sure they would play Beer Pong, they opted for Bows and Arrows. Check it out!

Bonus RyRy with a cute, rescued puppy!


Higher IQ? You decide.