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‘Dracula’ Resurrected Again! New Trailer Reaction.



You know, Dracula, and vampires in general, are something I just can’t get enough of. Certainly, I’m not the only one. Even after Twilight-exhaustion, in which Stephanie Meyers did her best to prettify the mythos while turning vampirism into some preachy fairy tale a la Mormonism. There’s a reason vampires are eternal in both idea and execution and I could write endless meta about it. However, that’s for a later discussion. For now, let’s focus on one of the newest incarnations of the vampire Himself, Drácula.

Courtesy of our new best friends at NBC (they’ve consented to a second season of ‘Hannibal’ like the bosses they are), we have a re-imagining of the origin tale starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tudors, August Rush, Velvet Goldmine) and Jessica De Gouw (Arrow) as the respective leads. Now, even though the producers of ‘Downton Abbey’ have their fingers directly in this pie, I remained skeptical. I don’t know. Something about the original clips and trailer put me off despite repeated viewings. I couldn’t seem to grasp exactly where they were trying to take the story; I worried that style would trump substance. Still, I knew that I’d give it my standard 3-episode try before making a final decision because, hello, VAMPIRES! Then the official ‘Drácula’ twitter (@NBCDracula) dropped the new promo trailer on us this morning.

Yes, please.
Yes, please.

Lawwwwwwwd. Okay. This, THIS, is what I’m looking for. Not only does the storyline seem somewhat more coherent and relevant but, too, dat music (Soothe Your Soul by Depeche Mode!). For those of us who are aurically sensitive, who instinctively form our own motion pictures when hearing note arrangements, this was the BUSINESS. Here is where I start to get excited for the show outside of it being the return of JRM, post-rehab, covered in blood and rocking fangs. *I think you guys are starting to understand my type, eh?*

I love that the new trailer doesn’t feel like it’s giving us everything up front as so many are wont to do these days. It retains the mystery but clarifies some questions. I, for one, am ready to rock and roll! Or bite and suck. Whatever.


Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan Is Looking Gorgeous In VW’s ‘People Are People’ Commercial & 2013 Tour Dates Announced!

Depeche Mode Front Man, Dave Gahan


I love Dave Gahan. I especially love seeing him looking healthy and happy. Lord knows he been to hell and back–and came out alive.  Check out VW’s new ad featuring Depeche Mode’s 1984 classic (the HELL??), People are People.  (I really can’t believe it was that long ago!)

via KROQ:

“The spot blends six wildly diverse cover takes on the 1984 hit single to match different scenarios, including Johnny Cash-styled country, a gentle lullaby and dance floor remix versions.

The pay-off comes towards the end of the spot, when Gahan is shown cruising to the strains of the Depeche Mode original.”

Depeche Mode – Summer 2013 Worldwide Tour Dates:

 May 7 – Tel Aviv, Israel, Hayarkon Park

May 10 – Athens, Greece, Terra Vibe

May 12 – Sofia, Bulgaria, Georgi Asparuhov Stadium

May 15 – Bucharest, Romania, National Stadium

May 17 – Istanbul, Turkey, Kucukcifikpark

May 19 – Belgrade, Serbia, USCE Park

May 21 – Budapest, Hungary, Puskas Ferenc Stadium

May 23 – Zagreb, Croatia, Hipodrom

May 25 – Bratislava, Slovakia, Inter-Bratislava Stadium

May 28 – London, United Kingdom, The O2 – London

June 1 – Munich, Germany, Olympiastadion

June 3 – Stuttgart, Germany, Open Air Buhne Am Mercedes Benz Museum

June 5 – Frankfurt, Germany, Commerzbank Arena

June 7 – Bern, Switzerland, Stade De Suisse

June 9 – Berlin, Germany, Olympiastadion Berlin

June 11 – Leipzig, Germany, Red Bull Arena

June 13 – Copenhagen, Denmark, Parken National Stadium Denmark

June 15 – Paris, France, Stade de France

June 17 – Hamburg, Germany, Imtech Arena

June 22 – Moscow, Russia, Lokomotiv Stadium

June 24 – St. Petersburg, Russia, SKK Arena

June 27 – Borlange, Sweden, Peace & Love Festival Grounds (Peace & Love Festival)

June 29 – Kiev, Ukraine, Olympic Stadium

July 3 – Dusseldorf, Germany, ESPRIT arena

July 7 – Werchter, Belgium, Festivalpark (Rock Werchter Festival)

July 11 – Bilbao, Spain, Kobetamendi (Bilbao BBK Live Festival)

July 13 – Lisbon, Portugal, Passeio Maritimo De Alges (Optimus Alive Fest)

July 16 – Nimes, France, Antique Arena

July 18 – Milan, Italy, Stadio Giuseppe Meazza

July 20 – Rome, Italy, Olympic Stadium

July 23 – Prague, Czech Republic, Synot Tip Arena

July 25 – Warsaw, Poland, Stadion Narodowy

July 27 – Vilnius, Lithuania, Vingis Park

July 29 – Minsk, Belarus, Minsk Arena

Of course if when Depeche Mode has U.S. tour dates, we’ll let you know!

Depeche Mode Singer Dave Gahan Honored – VIDEO

Dave Gahan accepting the "Stevie Ray Vaughn Award" by MusiCares

Legendary “mope rock” lead singer Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode was honored May 6th for his contributions and personal support of the MusiCares MAP Fund.  The charity assists members of the music community and industry who are struggle with addiction and substance abuse.

via Press Party:

Dave Gahan

Frontman of Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan was presented last night with the Stevie Ray Vaughn Award at the seventh annual MusiCares MAP Fund benefit concert.

The fund provides members of the music industry addiction recovery support and treatment and Gahan, a recovering heroin addict, was honoured for his support of the fund as well as his commitment to helping other addicts on the road to recovery.

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler presented the award to the British singer, saying: “One of the hardest things an addict can do is to get sober and to stay clean.”

Gahan performed at the benefit with Depeche Mode bandmate Martin Gore and other performers included Jane’s Addiction and Paramore. Other stars in attendance were Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan, Billy Idol and director Cameron Crowe.”

Dave’s bandmate, Martin Gore joined him onstage for a performance of “Personal Jesus“.  Fantastic video…