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Denise Richards Lands New ABC Family Show, ‘Socio’

Denise Richards


Looks like I’m not the only one being won over by Denise Richards new, low key image.

The NY Post reports that despite their initial reservations about even granting her an audition, producers of a new ABC Family series have given the former Bond Girl a role.

Richards is the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen and mother to two daughters with him, a daughter she adopted post their divorce, the two boys he had with Brooke Mueller and possibly parenting some neighbor children I don’t know about.

Socio, is an hour long  drama about a teenager’s life after he is released from jail for killing his aunt. Richards will play the boy’s mother, a socialite who now must deal with the fall out of her son’s return.

The pilot will begin shooting next month.

Given my tween’s love for the channel, if it does get picked up, I will probably be watching.


Denise Richards, Stepmother of the Year

Denise Richards with daughters Sam, Eloise, Lola and Brooke With Max and Bob

Photos: USmagazine.com

Rumors of how she got her start in show business aside, Denise Richards is not someone I’ve ever spent a lot of time thinking about. I believe Charlie Sheen to be mentally unwell, so while titillating, whatever went down during their marriage is of no interest to me. There was that messiness about the time line of her dating Richie Sambora when he and Heather Locklear split, but it was garden variety he said/she said stuff.

In addition to the two daughters she had with Sheen, Denise adopted a baby girl last year, becoming the primary caregiver to three children under 7 years of age. Even WITH a house full of help that is a busy work load for a responsible parent.

All dem Sheen/Richards/Mueller babies…

Recently pictures have surfaced of Denise with Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s 3 year old twin boys, Max and Bob on an outing in Malibu with  Richards’ daughters Sam, 8, Lola, 7, and Eloise, 16 months.

Substance abuse, divorce, and custody issues, sprinkled with tens of millions of dollars is a recipe for disaster. Whatever is actually happening in the Richards-Sheen-Mueller household, I am glad to see the kids together, being raised by the most stable (seemingly at least) adult of the trio…Denise.

So whether or not this is a ploy for another spin on the reality show roulette wheel, I’m still nominating Denise Richards for Co-Parent of the Year.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller – Custody Remains the Same

Denise would probably enjoy having Max and Bob, and has even offered to help.

Please. PLEASE.  Just let Denise Richards take care of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s twins, Bob and Max for awhile.  I’m sure their half-sisters, Sam and Lola would love having them to play with. It’s the lesser of three evils, right?

Yeah. Totally "winning".
"Hey. Can I have your pee?"

You can read all the horrible details of Charlie and Brooke’s messy divorce, his feelings about ex-wife, Denise Richards and all  the rest of today’s court details right HERE, wherein BOTH parents filed for sole custody of their twin sons, Bob and Max.

Those poor babies.  I’m sure we’ll be hearing horror stories about these boys in 10-15 years.  Hello, anyone remember Ryan O’Neal’s kids’ problems?  Yeah.  Google Tatum, Griffin, and Redmond O’Neal for a peek into the future.