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Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Show Mariah Carey How To Have Fun With Classroom Instruments!


Seriously. How cute is Mimoo?  Jimmy Fallon always brings out the best and silliness in his guests and I kind of love Mariah for this:



I do wish Dem Babies Mama had dressed-down a bit, though.  Mom jeans, KEDS and a puff-paint sweatshirt would have been AWESOME.

Monroe and Moroccan via dembabies.com


p.s. Dem Babies?? GORGEOUS children.

Mariah and Nick Show Off Dem Babies!

Mariah and Nick and Dem BABIES!

We finally got a look at Mariah and Nick‘s 6-month old twins Monroe and Moroccan on ABC’s 20/20. Talking with Barbara Walters, the couple revealed how difficult Carey’s pregnancy was, including false labors and lots of medication. Roe and Roc came into the world with applause while a live version of Mariah’s hit “Fantasy” played on the radio in the hospital room.


Monroe was named after Marilyn Monroe (Mariah bought Marilyn’s white baby grand piano at auction), and her brother was named after the Moroccan-themed room that Nick proposed to Mariah in (remember from Mimi’sCribs” episode?).


Despite their unusual names, the twins are healthy and absolutely cute! You can tell Nick and Mariah have a sense of humor about themselves and their children, they started a website just for the twins called what else, DemBabies.com ! Nick started uploading pictures right after the interview aired on the East Coast.