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Charlie Sheen’s Kids Removed From His Custody — Death Threats


Jaaayzus.  This is a minute-by-minute drama and I am exhausted just writing about Charlie Sheen…again.

TMZ.com is report that Charlie threatened to cut off ex-wife Brooke Mueller’s head off a` la the film, Se7en.  (“What’s in the BOX??“)

“A judge temporarily stripped Charlie Sheen of custody of his twin sons Tuesday, after Brooke Mueller submitted a declaration in which she alleged Charlie said, “I will cut your head off, put it in a box and send it to your mom” … TMZ has learned.”

Forpitysake.  This is going to end so badly…and sooner than later.  Let’s not even think about what this dumbass is doing to his children.  No amount of therapy will scrub those genes out of their blood.  There. I said it.