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Guest Commentary – Was Seth MacFarlane Funny Hosting The Oscars, Or Simply Misogynistic?

By: Dayna S.
Some of you may know who I am, and why I was given the opportunity to write a Guest Commentary, and to you, I say “welcome!“.
Actually, I was approached to write this post after my fury over on Facebook was noticed.  Sorry if I offended some people on MY social network page, but I am about to go off on just exactly how crude and demeaning Seth MacFarlane was during his hosting duties with regard to women. (Sure he made fun of Affleck, who was clearly pissed off–and it was because he was compared to the Kardashian women, but that’s not why we’re here.)
My feeling is that the only guys that think he is funny are the guys that wouldn’t dream of getting anywhere close to the caliber of bodies and beauty these actresses have–or anyone of that nature in their own town. And seemingly, the girls who think MacFarlane is funny are one job-firing away from swinging on the pole (at least in their mentality).

Women who have perfected a craft enough to win the most prestigious award for it (some multiple times) and withstand the test of time in maintaining interest in a very fleeting young-and-skinny obsessed society cannot escape the juvenile and misogynistic antics by the hands of humorist cartoonist, Seth MacFarlane.

via New York Magazine

Hey Seth, way to whittle away research, hard work, long hours, gaining/losing drastic amounts of weight for a role, staying in character, staying beautiful, delving into deeply emotional adaption of characters, down to a pair of tits for him to masturbate to. Because, ya know, that’s what women are for, and basically that is what I heard.

During his “We Saw Your Boobs” song Seth MacFarlane listed off women who’s breasts he’d seen in their movies. As if this isn’t grotesque enough four of the instances he listed were scenes of rape or the character was raped during the movie.

  • Hilary Swank in Boys Don’t Cry.
  • Jodie Foster in The Accused.
  • Jessica Chastain in Lawless.
  • Charlize Theron in Monster.
Yeah. That is my type of entertainment.
I absolutely know that guys love tits. I have been an owner of a decently sized set for a long time. I am also familiar with masturbation, and sure, it can definitely be a funny topic. However, I don’t think it should be at the expense of hard working female artists.  It was most definitely the WRONG ROOM for such crass remarks.