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David Boreanaz is rumored to be an a-hole diva on the set of “Bones”, AND a cheating douche.

So. Yeah. Douche Town.

Once in awhile I get a juicy little something in my inbox that is worth sharing with y’all…maybe even an answer to a Blind Item or two. So.  Here’s a post about someone I don’t necessarily write about–but I found the story interesting.  It was provided by a “snitch” from David Boreanaz’s series, Bones–appropriate title for the show he was cast back in 2005.  Thank goodness Tiger gave him the vocabulary word: TRANSGRESSION.  Oh, AND his sloppy seconds name

I’m posting the email I received AS IS.  It’s more interesting this way–more urgent, if you will.

“David Boreanaz is a real piece of work.  while his wife was GIVING BIRTH to their child…. he was “allegedly” txting his then mistress.  Yeah, he was “on his way”.  I guess everyone knew about the mistress on the phone.  txting all the time.  (well, at least one of them).  When it came out that (one of the mistresses) also had a “transgression” with Tiger, David was walking around the set saying See?” she does this all the time.  She’s not new to having an affair with someone famous!”

OH!  and then, when the word got out he was having an affair (remember that?) he was PANICKED asking if text messages can be used in court for divorce.  He had to be told, no there needs to be a subpoena for that.

Oh, and he also thinks he’s the shit.  The BMOC.  When they started filming the show, he thought he deserved to be treated like the star he (thinks he)  is.  What was he in, Angel, Buffy and that witch sister tv show?  Deally?  That’s not what I call heavy hitting work there, Davey.  And now that the show’s a hit, he’s gotten worse.

There’s a person on set that’s supposed to take care of continuity and that the details are correct.  Well, Dave wants to wear an under the arm hostler for his gun like Steve McQueen (he thinks he’s Steve McQueen… no shit).  But the FBI don’t wear their guns like that.  They wear them on the hip.  He’s constantly moving it around, and unbuttoning it, even moved it to the opposite side so he gets to reach into his jacket a little across the body.  WHATEVER.

The last straw turned out to be a dinner scene.  The person in charge of coordinating the onscreen food with the people that make it kept asking Doopey-Doo what he wanted IN the food so he would eat it on camera.  He kept putting it off, and it came time for the work to start and he flipped!  Told a producer that (this person) had been pestering him “FOR WEEKS” about the food and that he NEVER wanted to talk directly to (them) ever again.  He would only talk with the producer about things like that.  So he basically made the producer his bitch instead of doing what he was supposed it.  Ugggggh.

Wow.  What an arrogant dumbass.  I’m  gonna say “what goes around, comes back around…” (in Justin Timberlake’s falsetto). And let’s not forget the latest sexual harassment matter he’s now dealing with–he’s a full-on douche.

Thank you to my “Secret Source”.

xoxo  j