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Shaun’s Christmas Countdown – Jazz hands!

Sorry I’m so late in the afternoon with this installment of the Christmas Countdown. I was student teaching in a classroom of 6th graders today. I can teach 6th grade, but I am NOOO mother–based on my Celine post yesterday, someone **COUGHdivajuliaCOUGH** informed me. Hey, those who can’t DO, TEACH. Right?

Anywho. Thought we might take a moment and clear our heads, I know I need to with this glass of wine after today. (At least I know why moms like to drink, or at least why mine does!) Let us relax and chill out, take a load off and enjoy the fact that my favorite holiday is right around the corner.

To do this, I thought I might share with you one of my favorite jazz artists, Dave Koz. He is a saxophonist, but not the Kenny G. type, (ya know, full of himself). No, Koz was a member of Richard Marx‘s band and toured with Marx throughout the late 1980s, and was a featured member in Bobby Caldwell’s band as well.   So from out of the ashes, Dave started on a solo adventure in 1990.  He’s made a fantastic career for himself; touring and recording, and his Christmas albums are my favorite.

Dave even played at my church (when I attended) here in the Seattle area, back in probably 1994. But lo and behold, he might have been spiritual, but almost a decade later in an April 2004 interview with The Advocate, Koz came out publicly as a gay man. Later the same year, he was named by People magazine as one of their “50 Hottest Bachelors” in their June issue. (Insert “man blowing into big instrument” jokes here.)

Finally, a HOT, GAY, SAXOPHONIST… ah, who am I kidding, all I care about is the HOT and GAY part… but really.. just the HOT part will do.

So here is my holiday jazz buddy, chilling me out with his sexy sax playing: Enjoy kids!