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Eddie Murphy to Host 2012 Oscars (Hilarious Video)

I love how this turned into a CHARLIE Murphy post...

Maybe the world is ending next year. It was officially announced that comedian and voice of a cartoon donkey, Eddie Murphy will in fact be hosting the 2012 Academy Awards. Director Brett Ratner will be producing next year’s show, he and Murphy have the comedy ‘Tower Heist’ coming out later this year.

Murphy was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in 2007 for his role as James “Thunder” Early in ‘Dreamgirls’. It’s nice that they chose an actual comedian for the ceremony, instead of two random and extremely un-entertaining (and/or wasted)  actors that are just pretty to look at…SOMETIMES.

To make the show even better, let’s have Eddie bring his brother Charlie out.  We can trade the boring-ass categories for another story about Prince playing basketball.   CLASSIC.