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Date night for DivaJulia and Stephen! Bobby Caldwell at Jazz Alley in Seattle…

Who's THAT lovely couple?

Yesterday was a big, busy day for us.  Stephen and I realized soon after James the Boxer’s eye injury and subsequent removal, that he needed help with some behavior issues.  We drove two hours (and a ferry ride) to our dear friend Heather’s home, where she will be working with James on his insecurities and teaching him gentlemanly manners.  Heather is a Canine Behaviorist, as well as a breeder/owner/handler of her award-winning Everlast  Boxers.   We miss our boy (it’s only been 24 hours!) but we know he’s in the best possible hands with Heather.

James and Baby Vaughn (Everlast Boxers) - stinkin' CUTE!
Look at Vaughn biting James's ankle...he doesn't mind.
I wonder if Heather will notice if I sneak Vaughn out in my handbag?
James, sleeping with the Big Dogs at Everlast Boxers.

After dropping Our Boy off at “boot camp”, Stephen and I needed to change for our big evening out.  I suppose we could’ve just changed our clothes in the car, but Stephen has more couth than I do, so we changed at the closest Men’s Wearhouse.  (Where the photo above was taken by our dear, Paulie.)


We just made it on time to Dimitrious Jazz Alley on 6th Avenue to see Bobby Caldwell.  Oh, I know.  Some of you are saying, “WHO?” Just take a quick listen and you’ll know.

Bobby’s original version on CBS’s The Early Show:

Go West’s cover version in the early 90’s (which I actually like a little bit better):

So, after two gin and tonics with extra lime–along with a fantastic dress from Pin-Up Girl Couture, I felt tipsy and confident enough to saunter into the dressing room.  There was Bobby, all by himself.  Somehow, these dresses turn me into Scarlett O’Hara, because I blurted out, “How is it you sound better and look better every year I come see you?”  Gawd.  It’s as if I was ready for the baaaah buh que at Twelve Oaks.

When I set my mind to meetin’ someone, I do:

Julia and Bobby Caldwell - Seattle, Jazz Alley

Bobby liked my dress…but more importantly, Stephen liked my dress.  Know’msayin’?