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In Case You Missed The Queen, The Corgis and Daniel Craig as James Bond During the Olympics Opening Ceremonies (Plus a Few Rants…)

Corgis, Craig and The Queen

NBC is on my last good nerve.  Brittani ~ The Girl You Want posted about her displeasure with some of the Opening Ceremonies last night, and I have to agree with her regarding the inane and non-stop chatter from Matt Lauer and Meredith Vierira, who both treated American audiences as if we were complete and utter idiots.  Seems we are not the only bloggers people to feel that way:


Ugh. THESE two dorks.

via Slate.com

At the top of the bizarre set piece celebrating the virtues of texting, Vieira explained that World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Leewould soon be making an appearance. “If you haven’t heard of him, we hadn’t either,” she said.

Later, Lauer and Vieira described the technology that was lighting up the audience. “These are little pixel screens at every seat that allows the creative team here to actually turn the crowd into a giant LED screen,” Lauer noted. Vieira’s jokey response: “One more thing I don’t understand.”

Aside from Chris Berman-esque nicknaming, this is my least favorite sportscasting tic. Vieira is surely very intelligent. She has an army of researchers by her side both before and during the opening ceremony. And yet, likely out of a desire to seem more “relatable,” she plays dumb. This reverse snobbery is insulting to viewers—if she acts dumb, how do you think she feels about the yokels watching on the boob tube?—and perpetuates the poisonous idea that it’s uncool to know stuff.


At the very least, the commentary by these two goons seemed insulting to the British, with their “If it doesn’t smack of toothless middle America, it’s DUMB!” – attitude.  You’d think we as Americans never went to school the way Lauer and Vierira spoke down to their audience. And apparently, some were that stupid, since I kept hearing <insert hillbilly accent> “Ah don’ git iiit! Whaaah’s there a bunch ‘o Abe Linkinnns marchin’ around? I jus’ don’ git iiit! with regard to the themes of Danny Boyle’s impressive history-lesson of an Opening Ceremony. I’m embarrassed for a multitude of reasons.  Full. Body. Eyeroll.

But wait.  I was supposed to simply post the video of Queen Elizabeth, Daniel Craig and the CORGIS! (When I’m irritated I go completely off-topic.) Stupid NBC is being stingy with videos, as per usual, so I am happy to have found the one most of us loved the best…

(Returning to rant…)  Everyone wondered how London would “top” Beijing from 2008.  Instead of thousands of glazed-over robotic kids from four years ago, we were given feelings last night, weren’t we?  We were also give a sly and cheeky wink about America’s so-called health-care system with the darling children and dancing doctors and nurses.

"Starrr-MAN!!" Love the Bowie Masks. I wonder if they will show up on Ebay.uk??


And really? British music RULES. The End. Sex Pistols (who were cut short!); David Bowie; U2; Arctic Monkeys; David Bowie; Dizzee Rascal; Chemical Brothers; David Bowie; Underworld; Pet Shop Boys; David Bowie.  Oh…see what I did there? It always comes back to Bowie.  How incredible to hear his iconic song, “Heroes” played as Team Great Britain entered the arena?

Oh, you can purchase all 35 songs from the Opening Ceremonies on iTunes!

Photos: Corbis, BBCOne