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Official Poster for Latest James Bond Film, ‘Skyfall’

"Skyfall" - Daniel Craig as James Bond

Well now.  What have we here?  Looks to me like it’s Dipped in Cream’s loverman, Daniel Craig in a teaser poster for the latest James Bond film, “Skyfall”We can expect the first trailer for the film as soon as next week!

via MovieLine.com

“The juxtaposition of what looks like a drainage tunnel with Craig’s dapper, Tom Ford-tailored coolness gives us the sense that he’s unafraid to walk into the world’s dirtiest, grimiest underbelly in his fancy lad haberdashery.

What’s more: He’s not shooting at us in the classic Bond gun barrel scenario, which traditionally envisioned the suave spy aiming and firing at the camera; look at his placement and you see he is the bullet.”

Oooooh, “he is the bullet.”  I love the sound of that.  (Oh, quit it. Y’aller so nasty.)



Oh, and Tom Ford, Tom Ford, TOM FORD!