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TV News Round-Up!

Idol Judges

In what was probably the least anticipated news of the year, ‘American Idol’ announced their new lineup of judges this week. Returning to the panel are Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban, who joined last season. Newbie judge Harry Connick, Jr., who has appeared on the show to help coach the contestants, will be in the third seat. Randy Jackson, who just refuses to move on, will be taking over for Jimmy Iovine as the show’s mentor, and I’m kind of thankful for that. Ryan Seacrest returns as host, because we can’t get rid of him either.

Harry is a nice addition, but something tells me him and Keith will end up canceling each other out. They’re both just so darn nice and cute. I welcome the return of La Lopez and her outfits, but will she be enough to boost the sagging ratings? After the disaster of Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, which wasn’t as fun as it should have been, hopefully they put the focus back onto the singers and come up with some actually new and exciting ways to improve the show.


Though I mostly enjoyed it’s 6th season, I think it’s time for ‘True Blood’ to meet the true death. HBO announced on Tuesday that it’s hit vampire soap opera will end it’s run after the 7th season in 2014. “‘True Blood’ has been nothing short of a defining show for HBO,” said HBO president of programming Michael Lombardo in a statement.It will be hard to say goodbye to the residents of Bon Temps, but I look forward to what promises to be a fantastic final chapter of this incredible show,” he added.

Showrunner Brian Bruckner, who took over for Alan Ball, said that season 7 will “tell a simpler story,” and will go back to examining the relationships between vampires and humans. I don’t think it’s possible for this show to tell simple stories, but we’ll see what happens next Summer.


Alec Baldwin is sticking with television, this time with his own talk show. Baldwin will host ‘Up Late with Alec Baldwin’ on MSNBC on Fridays at 10/9c starting in October, the network announced on Thursday. The show will cover the week in pop culture and current events, which sounds like it’ll be a sit-down version of ‘The Soup‘ but less bawdy. But it’s Alec Baldwin, so you never know.

Alec and his wife, Hilaria, recently welcomed a baby girl, Carmen Gabriela, so with a new show and a new baby, when will Alec find the time to berate people on Twitter?


The new cast of ABC‘s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ was announced on Wednesday, and honestly, it’s pretty awesome. For it’s 17th season, the dance-competition program has it’s most diverse group of competitors yet. There is Jack Osbourne (his sister, Kelly, competed during Season 9), singer and host Christina Milian, ‘Glee”s Amber Riley, and recent Scientology defector Leah Remini. Two of the most talked about contestants are Scientist, and all around awesome dude, Bill Nye and the lovely Valerie Harper who is defying the odds to dance even though she was told she only had months to live after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

DWTS’ starts September 16 at 8 p.m.ET  and will only be on one day each week on Mondays.


Lindsay Lohan Turns Down $550K To Do ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Really, Lindsay?


Shocking absolutely no one, Lindsay Lohan has made another horrible career choice.

TMZ reported this morning that La Lohan has made the decision to turn down an offer to appear on next season of  ‘Dancing With the Stars’ solely because she doesn’t want to do reality TV.  (She WILL take $250K worth of furniture from the Bravo network’s Million Dollar Decorators, though.)  That doesn’t COUNT, you guys!!”

That’s good, Linds. Everything else is in shambles, but above all else, gotta keep those standards intact. 

The actress reportedly turned down multiple offers to be a contestant; making up to $550k, which is up to five times what most DWTS contestants make. And definitely a good place to start paying off all that debt, no? 

“Dancing With the Dorks” – Bristol Palin and Mark Balas

It’s no secret that appearing on Dancing with the Stars has launched comebacks for countless C-list “celebrities” that society has practically forgotten before they reappeared on prime time television screens, decked out in ridiculous sparkling outfits, collectively impressing us with ballroom dancing skills that nobody ever knew they had. Or, in some cases, that they absolutely do not have. Which, let’s be real… is even better.  

In offering up such a payout just to get Lilo to sign on, DWTS producers seem blithely aware of the ratings spike they would achieve from the amount of viewers that would tune in solely to see Lohan on live television, waiting for her to prove all her naysayers right and fall on her face in a drunken haze. 

Chances are, Lindsay is quite aware, as well. The actress recently told friends that she would never consider reality television, and that she wants to stick solely to films. 

Okay girl, let us know how that works out for you.

Dancing With the Stars – Who Won? SPOILER ALERT!

If you don’t wanna know…don’t look.  Finish watching and then come back for the recap, but I’m gonna spill the beans now, because that’s my little special way.

Kirstie and Maks; Kym and Hines; and Chelsea and Mark


I must say, I only half-assed watched Dancing With the Stars. I do love Kirstie and her amazing attitude and sense of humor–but she really took it all seriously.  I know everyone is sick of hearing that girlfriend is 60 years old. But come ON. She worked hard, and Maks was the perfect partner for her.  I actually liked him this season.

A lot of people were really into Kym and Hines, but I was bored by them most of the time, or embarrassed by the costumes they wore (the marching band outfits, specifically) .  I know, that isn’t the criteria, but I don’t care.  I have a low embarrassment threshold.

Cute, cute, CUTE. Chelsea and Mark

Chelsea and Mark were darling.  She really progressed throughout the competition and wore the little fringe-y pants that I just love. (See? Another lame reference, but that’s what you’re here for, so don’t even.)

Are you ready?  The couple who won the coveted Disco Ball Trophy is…