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Chilean Miner Mistress Drama!

Oh, Yonni.

The world has come together to watch and cheer as the 33 Chilean miners are finally being bough back to the surface. Trapped for 69 days, “Los 33” have been freed from their underground home and with all of the attention of course focus will turn to their personal lives.

It has been revealed that several of the men have children by different women.  At a vigil held for the miners at the site , two women showed up holding the same picture of miner Yonni Barrios. Apparently, Yonni had promised to marry his mistress and the two women fought over receiving benefits. Yonni’s wife, Marta Salinas who he has been with for 28 years, released a statement to a South American newspaper saying that she was happy that he was saved but wouldn’t attend the rescue. However, Yonni’s mistress, Susana Valenzuela was there to greet him.

“He has another companion,” said Ms. Salinas. “I’m happy for him, and if he remakes his life, good for him.”  Well, good for her. Although I think she might rethink things when movie and book deals start rolling in. Beneath ground, Yonni was known as “Mr. House,” acting as doctor for his friends. 21st to get out, Yonni reportedly wanted to go last to avoid any conflict with his wife and mistress. I have a feeling he’ll want to stay in the hospital as long as possible.