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By Brittani ~ The Girl You Want

Spain Reigns in 2010 World Cup!

Well, it’s over and it was so much fun.  I don’t know if soccer football will be any more popular than it already isn’t (ha ha) in America but I, for one had World Cup Fever.  Besides, all of this introduced me to some of the hottest athletes in the world.  While we still worship (the other) football, basketball and baseball players here, the rest of the world already knew about these guys.  For whatever reason, hockey players are the hot athletes to hook up with.  Carrie Underwood got married this weekend to Mike Fisher.  Hilary Duff is dating Mike Comrie.  I mean, hockey is cool and what-not, but who wouldn’t want to snuggle up to Cesc Fabregas or Carlos Bocanegra. C’mon ladies, step up your highly paid athelete game!
Andres Iniesta for the WIN!

So it all came down to Spain and the Netherlands with Spain being the favorite to win.  The game went into overtime and yes, I watched all 106 or so minutes of it. After an hour it was like, “someone make a damn goal already!”,  but it was an exciting game to watch.  I have to say, with players like Cesc, David Villa and Iker Casillas, they definately had the advantage of looks.  I’m sure there are some cuties on the Netherlands team too, but their bright orange uniforms distracted me.  Andres Iniesta made the winning goal and was so excited he took of his shirt.

The REAL World Cup DIVA -- PAUL, the Octopus

The best thing about all of this is an octopus named Paul, also know as the Oracle of Oberhausen, predicted everything! There was a little bit of drama when a spectator tried to touch the World Cup trophy before Spain and Netherlands took to the field.  After accepting his second place medal and shaking some hands, the Dutch coach took ripped off his medal.  Talk about being a bitter bitch.

One thing I won’t miss about all of this is the sound of those vuvuzelas.  That honking noise will haunt my nightmares for months to come.   Among other annoyances, there was Landon Donovan’s baby mama drama after the U.S. lost to Ghana, but we’ll see what happens there, won’t we?

Then there’s Cristiano Ronaldo. Oh, C-Ron.  Well, he’s certainly having his own baby drama, isn’t he?  While he was out and about in New York looking….well…European, his sister Katia was back at his home in Portugal taking care of his son. We still don’t know who the mother is, she is American.

Cristiano, pretending to talk on the phone?
C-Ron and his thighs in NYC

Let’s hope the baby gets C-Ron’s thighs.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a single father! Novo Pai!

By: Brittani ~ The Girl You Want

New Daddy, Cristiano Ronaldo, in his Armani panties.

Cristiano Ronaldo,  you are the father!

Portugal may have been ousted by Spain in the World Cup, but Cristiano still has something to celebrate.   He’s a new dad!  Cristiano announced the news via Twitter and Facebook saying, “It is with great joy and emotion that I inform that I have recently become father to a baby boy.”

Many thought this was a joke, or that his accounts had been hacked, but Cristiano’s publicist  released a formal statement to People saying , “It is all true, but we don’t want to say anymore.”  The news of the baby completely came out of nowhere, but Cristiano and his people were trying to keep things under wraps. “No further information will be provided on the subject and I request everyone to fully respect my right to privacy, at least on issues as personal as these are.”

Then this :  A Portuguese newspaper is reporting that Cristiano paid a surrogate to have his child. The baby was conceived at the end of last summer when he was visiting San Diego.  Cristiano did spend time in the U.S. on vacation last year.  While Cristiano isn’t talking, his sister Katia is. (Blabbermouth sister!)  Katia said that he was “very happy about becoming a father” and that the baby looked like him, with brown eyes and hair. Katia also that he would reveal the name of his son when he returned back to Madrid. His girlfriend, a Russian Supermodel Irina Shayk  said on her Facebook page that “My boyfriend is now the father of a boy.”  Okay, this was all great before, but now this is getting weird.

No word on who the mother is, she is American. Ronaldo added,  “As agreed with the baby’s mother, who prefers to have her identity kept confidential, my son will be under my exclusive guardianship.”

Well, congrats to Cristiano.  This is the first child for the 25 year old soccer star.  I wonder if his new boy will follow in his soccer football footsteps.

By the way–the baby boy’s name is: Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos.