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Here’s your Loon of the Day – The Creepy Hand Model Chick

George tending to his "milky white hands"...

After watching the video below, you’ll agree that Seinfeld’s George Costanza wasn’t weird at all when he took a promising job as a hand model…

The Gawker dug up this gem from the CBS Nightly News with that Irritating Katie Couric.  I THINK we may have found someone even more annoying.  Does she really move her hands that way all bloody day long??  I wonder if she wears oven-mitts like Georgie Boy?

“A Date with Brad” – Or Patrick Bateman – for Stayfree Ultra-Thin Pads


Uhhh…I say you better run your menstruating self outta this nut’s home that appears to be located deep in some forest, or you’ll end up hanging by a hook in this dude’s closet.  But feel free to watch this ad for Stayfree Ultra-Thin Pads in the safety of your own hole in Jame Gumb’s basement. (“Put the lotion in the f*cking basket!!”)

Actually…as creepy as “Brad” is, this ad is GEEEENIUS.  However…there are so many titles the producers could have used: American Mini-Pad; Stayfree or You Will Get Your Head Chopped Off–you get the idea.

Oh, Patrick Bateman.