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Blind Item Revealed! Crazy, Demanding, Drunk Diva Edition


The awesome website, Crazy Days and Nights is notorious for really juicy Blind Items–then REVEALING them on July 4th and New Year’s Day, right?  Well, Enty has been revealing answers to these Blind Items piece-meal lately, which is great for those of us who can’t wait til January 2013 for the dirt!

Here is a pretty obvious reveal…

Talk about crash and burn. This singer was A list. Sold out concerts all over the world. Had the entire world at her feet and then lost pretty much all of it. Our singer has always had diva in her. She needed to be the center of attention and when she hit it big that attention was multiplied and she loved it. With that attention came lots of people saying yes. Saying yes has led to lots of alcohol problems for her. That was the start of the decline.

She was binge drinking and pretty much never said no to any male or female. At the height of her fame was also the height of her issues. She was sleeping 18 hours a day and barely functioning. She decided to get her life straight and be faithful to one person and she did. Things began to improve. She quit drinking for a long time and started working out. She had another hit album. Then came the tour that nearly destroyed her. Away from her significant other she started getting into bad habits and drinking and sleeping around and this time she was not going to be deterred from being a diva. Her demands became crazier. She would wake up people in the middle of the night just to have them bring her coffee and then go back out for tea and then our diva wouldn’t drink any of it. She expected people to be there all the time for her. She loved the power. She was invincible and then it all came crashing down.

She refused to listen to producers or her label for her next album and it died. She refused to support it and yelled at everyone and would shoulder none of the blame. With sales declining and no touring, our diva’s antics were not as tolerated. People started telling her no. She binged and binged until her significant other dumped her after getting tired of the cheating which she was not even bothering to disguise anymore.

Her life is still out of control, but she manages to cope. She goes through periods of sobriety followed by binge drinking. She found someone who lets her be with whoever she wants to be as long as he is well taken care of by her.


Yeah, durrrrp. We all knew this one.  So when exactly does The Voice start again?  Yikes.

Thank you, Enty!

Happy 4th of July! Blind Item Reveals Over at ‘Crazy Days and Nights’! Scandalous!

Fireworks in Seattle on Lake Union!

We here at Dipped in Cream hope y’aller having a fabulous–and safe 4th!

Here’s the cool link to the awesome blog called Crazy Days and Nights,   THE ANSWERS (which start at 9:15am Pacific Time and continue every fifteen minutes until they are finished) to those cray-cray Blind Items that have swirled around all since the first of the year.  Remember?  We get to read this awesomeness twice a year! Thanks, Enty!!  (Just click HERE!)

And, hey–don’t blow your fingers off with some stupid fireworks, mmmkay?

Today’s Blind Item – HUGE Divorce Edition; REVEAL Reminder!


“This A list couple, although, if taken individually he is probably a B+ actor who sucks at acting and she is rarely in anything anymore because I think most of her days are filled with followup doctor’s appointments. Anyway, this couple is finished. Over. If they don’t announce their divorce prior to July 4th, I will go ahead and do it for you on that day. You know, because I care.”

via: CDaN

I know this seems weird, but I’m going to give y’all the link to the fantastic website that actually reveals Blind Items twice per year — July 4th and New Year’s Day.  It’s called Crazy Days and Nights.  “Enty” (short for Entertainment Lawyer) will post updates every 15-30 minutes all day long on the 4th of July on all of the insanely juicy Blind Items posted throughout the past six months or so.

So, before you dive into those ribs and baked beans, make sure your computer is ON!  I, for one, cannot WAIT.

And just whom do we think this couple might be up there?  Some of you know where I’m vacationing right now….one of them used to live here and still has at least one home for visiting.