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Coachella 2011 is already sold out — and tickets are being scalped on Craigslist. Yikes.

Kanye, appearing the final night of Coachella

Good luck if you wanted to attend this year’s  Coachella Festival, April 15-17th,  in Indio, California.    OR I suppose you still can, if you wanna risk your life and wallet by dealing with some of the fine folks advertising their wares on Craigslist.   ( Someone in Seattle is selling two tickets for the 3-day pass for $1100, I see.  Clearly, they aren’t the VIP tickets.)

I’m scared of  the Craigslist.  Way too many real-life tragedies-turned into TV movies about the creepers (read: KILLERS) on that website.  Sorry, but someone had to say it.  Oh, I’ll buy just about anything on ebay (okay, mostly SHOES), but that’s because I don’t have to deal with anyone face-to-face.

It’s pretty amazing how this year’s tickets to Coachella sold out at a far faster pace than years previous:

via MyDesert.com

“Promoter Paul Tollett of the Los Angeles-based Goldenvoice said he’s “still a little stunned” by the quick sellout. Some online fans reacted negatively when the lineup — headlined by returning artists Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon and Kanye West — was announced after 9 p.m. on Jan. 18.Tollett said 51,000 tickets were sold by Monday compared to the 11,000 purchased on the first weekend of sale last year.

There was a quick succession of sellouts of car camping, tent camping and VIP tickets, but he said he’s never announced tickets were going fast for fear it would seem like a sales trick.”

You know what?  Even at a much younger age, I wouldn’t have enjoyed this kind of atmosphere.  I do enjoy a fairly clean bathroom, and private showers.  And a bed.  Without a zillion nuts parading about.  Yep.  I was an old biddy then…and I’ve only gotten worse.

So, yeah.  Coachella’s sold out,  I don’t care for the Craigslist  and I’m a biddy.  That’s about it.