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Janelle Monae Is Also A CoverGirl!

The ALWAYS gorgeous and unique Janelle Monae


Singer Janelle Monae is joining Pink as a new spokeswoman for CoverGirl. The 26-year old songstress tweeted her excitement over her new gig saying, I’m strong. I’m beautiful. I AM A COVERGIRL!!!!

Monae might have been meant to be a CoverGirl, telling Vogue that she grew up loving the ads that models like Tyra Banks starred in.

I’d go buy magazines. I’d see Tyra Banks [in the CoverGirl ads] and I’d think, Wow, she’s beautiful. It never looked like she had on too much makeup. There was just something clean and classic about her face.” She added, Becoming a CoverGirl is truly an honor and a gift. It opens up a new platform for me to inspire women to feel stronger, braver and more beautiful inside and out.”

I look forward to seeing Janelle and Pink’s ads in magazines…wonder if they’re going to be adding anyone else to the CG lineup.

Pink is CoverGirl’s Newest Spokeswoman


Singer Pink ecstatically tweeted the news that she was the latest spokeswoman for cosmetic brand CoverGirl, joining Ellen DeGeneres, Queen Latifah and Sofia Vergara.  At a press conference in Santa Monica, Pink showed off her colorful new ad.

Joining a group of women who have always inspired me — to laugh out loud, let my guard down, or play around with my beauty look — is such an honor,” the singer said.

Pink With Pat


Pink’s look is a bit more edgy than current CoverGirls like Taylor Swift, but I think she’s a great addition and can’t wait to see more of her ads. It doesn’t hurt that makeup genius Pat McGrath will be doing all of the looks. The ads will be released this fall in conjunction with the release of Pink’s upcoming album, The Truth About Love.